December 2011


Santa: The World’s Worst Polluter?

Right now I’m feeling guilty. You see, I had to travel for the holidays. It’s amazing how much your carbon footprint grows when you’re on the move. For a start, there’s a lot of hand washing (germs abound in airports) which goes along with a lot of throwing away of paper towels. That’s nothing compared […]

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Pear Chestnut Pie

Meatless Mondays Recipe: Pear and Chestnut Holiday Pie

The first time I made this recipe was for my first Christmas in London. Actually, I’m pretty sure my then-boyfriend now-husband made it while I sipped rum and eggnog by the boarded-over fireplace. That was in 1998. The original recipe was from an issue of BBC Vegetarian magazine. By the time we needed it again […]

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Nina the chimpanzee

Latest Green News: December 16

Photo by Afrikaforce It’s official. Politicians hate the environment. Even ones who pretended to like it when they were getting elected a few years back are all, “yeah, I might give the go-ahead for the Keystone XL pipeline any day now”. At this rate, Obama is going to flip-flop his way right out of the […]

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Lululemon The Mat Yoga Mat

Is Your Yoga Mat Killing You? An Honest Look at Toxins in Yoga Mats.

Yoga mats have come a long way since we first wrote this post. Find out about the latest best mats on the market in our brand new post about The Best Travel Yoga Mats → Don’t miss our other yoga travel posts: Discover our picks of the best travel yoga mats → Find out about […]

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Latest Green News: December 9

It’s that time again, when we check out what’s been happening in the latest green news that’s fit to print. OK, green news hardly ever gets racy – we leave that to the politicians. Despite any lack of sauciness, you’ll want to read on to find out what Cyndi Lauper has to do with wooly […]

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Big Bowl of Chili

Meatless Mondays Recipe: Black Bean & Chocolate Chili

When I make chili, it’s different every time. You can make this recipe as is if you want, but I encourage you to get a little adventurous. Experiment and adjust it according to what you have in the fridge and the cupboard. That’s how I discovered that it’s hella good with maple syrup. Here’s to […]

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November 2011 Accountability Journal

Lights, camera, action! November was launch month on My Five Acres. Even though I probably wasn’t quite ready to launch I went for it. After all 11/11/11, which was my 40th birthday, seemed like an auspicious day to start a blog about the impending end of the world (as we know it). I was forewarned […]

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