January 2012


Solar Panels

Your Best Excuses For Not Going Solar, Busted

Since we got our solar panels installed, I’ve been talking them up big time to any and all who’ll listen. I love them. I love waking up in the morning knowing that my house is going to generate more electricity than I’ll use all day. I love that I’m no longer burning coal to power […]

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Beauty Products

Say Goodbye To Beauty Products (Not To Beauty)

I’m running out of shampoo. And conditioner. And daily SPF moisturizer, night cream, toothpaste, hand soap, deodorant, mascara, mouthwash… I think you can see where I’m going with this, right? What products are in your bathroom right now? Go ahead and look. I’ll wait. Take a long hard look in your shower, your medicine cabinet, […]

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Stuffed Peppers

Meatless Mondays Recipe: Stuffed Peppers and Cabbage

My grandmother was not like the old dears you see in the movies, baking cakes and handing out treats to the grandkids. When I picture her, it’s with her suitcase by her side, ready to take off on a trip to some exotic destination. Despite not being much of a homebody, Grandma did grow up […]

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Lysamata Debelius by Haplochromis

Latest Green News: January 13

Photo by Haplochromis This week’s green news has been big on alternative dwellings, of which I am a mad crazy fan. There was a minor frenzy surrounding this video of a 30-story Chinese prefab hotel going up in just 15 days. I wonder if this is going to end up just another empty shell in […]

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Garbage Soup

5 Packaged Foods You Never Need to Buy Again

Welcome to 2012. Or, da 12, as I like to call it. What did you resolve to do this year? Eat healthier? Avoid processed foods? Stay away from GMO? Stop buying products foisted on you by the man? Reduce the size of your weekly garbage bag? Become a domestic god(ess)? I want to do all […]

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Bees by Kokogiak

Latest Green News: January 6

Photo by kokogiak It’s a new year and the environment is in as much trouble as ever, though it looks like people are caring about it less and less. If this poll by the National Association of Realtors is to be believed, then less than 2% of people are even taking the environment into consideration […]

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