March 2012



Why Environmentalism Is Not A Religion

I have a confession. It really bugs me when people say environmentalism is “just a religion”. I mean, it really really bugs me. The veins pop out on my neck and my teeth clench so tight my jaw hurts and I have to try really hard not to scream. So I guess it’s about time […]

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Banksy Nuggets by laverrue

Should I Eat This? Part One: Fast Food

What you eat is up to you; it’s a personal thing. But what you eat has consequences that reach across the earth, out into our atmosphere, and right back down into your own neighborhood. This series should help you think a little more deeply about what you eat and how it affects not only your […]

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Leaves On Patio

How A $40 Gadget Costs A Whole Lot More

Right now I’m working on a post about environmentalism as religion (and why it isn’t). It’s turning into a monster two-parter that I’m just not happy with yet. And next week is the first installment of Should I Eat This? A Guide To Food In The 21st Century. So this week I thought it best […]

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