April 2012


Kale Sprouts

Earth Day: Not Just for Bratty Teens Anymore

Remember when you were like, 15, and you were a total nightmare of a teenager? Always arguing, stomping out of rooms, slamming doors, and telling your Mom you hated her? And then, along comes Mother’s Day and it’s all flowers, cards, candy, and smiling through a lovely buffet brunch. You may have even put aside […]

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Junk Food

Should I Eat This? Part Two: Junk Food

In the 70s a kid might have been treated to junk food on a few really special occasions: Halloween, birthdays, maybe Christmas. In 2012, junk food is the stuff you see people grabbing at the drugstore checkout. You know, the drugstore, where you go to buy stuff to make you healthy? Junk food also includes […]

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