May 2012


Tiny House

Our Little House Is Way Too Big

Two years ago, we were shopping for a house. We had a short list of absolute must-haves that included three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big outdoor space. We looked at about a million houses before we found The One. High up off the road, big beautiful yard, huge deck with a view, three bedrooms, […]

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May Help Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Should I Eat This? Part Three: Fake Health Food

Better for you! Fat free! Contains whole grains! Just 100 Calories! 0 Grams Trans Fat! All-Natural! Fake health foods are the carnival barkers of the grocery store, shouting at you from every aisle, promising longevity, beauty, and true happiness, if only you’ll buy their wares. The reason I despise fake health food above most other […]

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Apple Blossoms

An Open Letter To Apple CEO Tim Cook on May Day

Dear Tim, As I sit here writing this on my MacBook Pro, I’m reflecting on the ways Apple has changed my life. During the last decade, barely a day has gone by when I didn’t create or communicate using an Apple product. There’s no doubt that Steve Jobs changed the world. But did he change […]

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