June 2012


Reusable Sanitary Pads

3 Reusable Products (Almost) Everyone Should Get Today

Do you like trees? Would you like to see a few old growth forests survive the decade? And how do you feel about landfill? Smelly, depressing mountains of the discarded spoils of capitalism, right? There are three things you can order today that will save trees, reduce that pile of smelly old landfill, and make […]

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Pigs at a factory farm

Should I Eat This? Part 4.0: Meat & The Environment

Eating meat is a mind-bogglingly complex issue: emotions, culture, morality, religion and even a little logic are at stake. The facts are impossible to disentangle from the propaganda created by the astonishingly powerful and profitable meat industry on one side and the (underfunded) non-profits like Peta on the other. Yes, I am biased. You are […]

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