January 2013


Things I Am Going To Miss About LA, Part 1

Our real estate agent just left with a stack of signed paperwork that essentially means we have sold our house. There is a bunch of too-ing and fro-ing to be done before it’s closed escrow but we now have a tentative date for that – less than seven weeks from today. Shit is getting real […]

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Covered Wagon

The Only Thing We Have To Fear

At the beginning of Little House on the Prairie, Pa and Ma load Mary, Laura, and baby Carrie into their covered wagon and drive out onto the prairie. They drive until there are no more trails – and then they drive some more. Eventually, in the middle of nowhere, they find a decent-looking spot and […]

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Had a dream last night that I gave away all my clothes, and then didn’t have anything to wear to work. The psychology of downsizing is complicated.  

When Is a River Not a River?

Maybe people in cities with real rivers feel sorry for us Angelenos. But I think this glorified culvert is a perfectly pleasant place to spend the day.  ♥

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Should I Eat This? The Flowchart

So you resolved to eat better this year? Or maybe you’re just confused about food. Here’s the ultimate flowchart to make your eating decisions easy. [hr] Should I Eat This? The Complete Series Find out more about where food comes from and how it affects your health and the health of the planet. Should I […]

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Setting Intentions for Our Trip

A little while ago, I started thinking about the changes I would have to make to make our upcoming bike trip as incredible as I want it to be. By nature, I am a control freak. I like to know where we’re going, how long it will take to get there, and what will happen […]

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