March 2013


Wine Bottles

On The Fifth Day We ‘Rested’: The Delights of Pitigliano, Italy

We set aside today as an off-bike day so we could visit with our old friends Luciano, Alessandro, and their families. Though we’d been calling this a “rest day”, not much rest was in store for us. For a start, last night was the night Italians “spring ahead” for the end of daylight savings, which […]

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Grasses in Italy

Finally, A Real Biking Day to Capalbio, Italy

We have been in Italy for four days and have so far cycled 15km. Today we plan to bike 40 more, from Tarquinia to the beachside campground where we are meeting our friends from Torino. I’m very excited to get on the road, to see how our mapping works, to see how we handle the […]

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Stephen on Bike

Ask and Ye Shall Receive a Very Long Answer: Tarquinia, Italy

Today was our first official day on the bikes! Hooray! First though, we had to get out of Rome. We had been warned that taking a train with your bikes was as confusing a thing as anyone had ever attempted, so after breakfast, Stephen went over to Termini to see what he could find out. […]

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The Hand of the Hand of God: Meeting the Pope in Rome

This morning was rainy and dreary so we stayed inside, ate a leisurely breakfast and then sat in the lounge, writing, editing pictures, and planning our next move. I was happily working away until suddenly I realized we were sitting in a basement looking at my computer when I should be outside, experiencing Rome. Before […]

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Gelato Sign

Ciao Ciao Jet Lag Jet Lag

The best way to combat jet lag is melatonin pills. However, I don’t have any. I do however have jet lag, a lost bike, many touristy sights to see, and a yoga class to teach tonight. (Here are 8 other totally do-able ways to kick jet lag‘s nastiness →) Key phrase of the day: Una doppio […]

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The Indignities of Air Travel

We’ve been observing today that air travel is a distinctly rotten way to start a trip. There’s the mind-numbing sterility of airports (though we must say Heathrow has really pulled up her socks since last time we were there). There’s the indignity of being folded into a space just slightly shorter than your femur bones […]

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Feelings. Nothing more than feelings…

We are currently waiting to board our flight from Los Angeles to Roma, via London (only for an hour, at Heathrow). Our house sale is finalised (two hours ago), we are moved out, and as of this evening a new family lives and loves there. Our bikes have been (hopefully) loaded onto the plane, and […]

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