April 2013


Everybody Hates A Tourist

1075km so far. We were pretty happy in the campground Borje, so we got up lazily and slowly and did our morning ritual: coffee, breakfast, dress, tear down the tent, pack. By the late hour of 10am, we were on the road. Good thing we were only going 17 km to Plitvice Lakes National Park. […]

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The Signs Of War

1050 km so far. We rose in our shepherd’s field camping spot this morning bright and early, not wanting to be trod upon by unsuspecting sheep as they returned to graze. We stopped a few kilometres down the road for pancakes at the American Squirrel Restaurant (or something like that). They also had goat, but […]

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Sea To Sky

Whew, what a day. It feels like we fit a week’s worth of sites and interesting encounters into today. And we also managed to ride 74 km, much of which was uphill. To keep this post short(ish), I’m going to tell the story mostly in pictures. Design Matters We left the incredibly cool Hostel Forum […]

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Zadar In The Rain

When we were in Trogir I managed to one-up Jane’s burning holes in the tent episode by tripping on the guy wire and ripping the fly along the seam. I was pretty pissed off with myself, pretty upset that our Big Agnes tent would tear so easily, and very happy Jane had damaged the tent […]

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How You See Is What You Get

It’s amazing how perspective can affect the way you receive what comes at you through the day. This morning, after being sprayed for mosquitos in our sleep last night (yeah, thanks for not warning us you’d be doing that, Solaris), we rolled out of our tent and did an uncharacteristically efficient job of breaking camp. […]

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One Month On The Road

Today marks our one-month anniversary of hitting the road for the start of the My Five Acres adventure. In our minds it feels like so much more than that. It really is hard to believe all the things we’ve seen and done in only four weeks. We also realised that we’ve cycled almost 1,000 km […]

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Smooth Sailing on a Windy Day

Today was the kind of day that makes us really appreciate how lucky we’ve been with the weather, and especially the wind, so far. The morning started slowly, with a little extra sleep, some meditation, and breakfast. There was a good-sized gap between the floating pier I’m sitting on in the pictures and the land. […]

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It’s Not a Holiday Huffington Post Blog


Our new Huffington Post post is up. Find out why you shouldn’t call our trip a holiday!  ♥

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Our Fastest Ride So Far

Today we rode from Makarska, up the coast and around the outskirts of Split on our way to Trogir, a UNESCO city where we had heard there was an excellent (and open) campground. It was a long day. Ninety kilometres in total. Phew. It gives us a new appreciation for the people who ride a […]

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Another Day Off Already

Seems like we’ve been having more days off than on lately. But with a massive rain and thunderstorm forecast for overnight and today, Stephen wisely convinced me to get indoors and take the day off. The rain pounded down last night so hard that I imagined it would have mashed our tent into the ground […]

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