October 2013


First Impressions Of Beijing

In an effort to combat early-onset jet lag, we spent the entire day walking. And walking. And walking. We were gone from our hostel for about 11 hours. Whew. My legs are tired. Also, as I write this, the jet lag is hammering my brain. All I want to do is crawl back in bed […]

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你好 (Ni Hao)

Hello from Beijing. We arrived this morning and we are very happy to report that all our bags and our bicycles also arrived. Unlike when we landed in Rome both our bikes showed up at the oversized luggage collection area! We were able to easily unwrap them, put our pedals back on, turn the handlebars […]

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Goodbye To Berlin

Ignoring the classes of mine that Jane has been to, we have only been to one yoga teacher’s class twice on this whole trip. Jelena Lieberberg teaches at Spirit Yoga in Berlin, and is also a lululemon Ambassador (like me). She teaches in German, but is able to communicate what she is asking so clearly […]

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Little Headaches

In general, I’m a pretty calm person. I can handles life’s big events, like job interviews, moving house, and travelling around the world by bike, with a fairly high degree of equanimity. It’s the little everyday things that get me stressed out. You know, things like going to the dentist and the post office. Guess […]

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Cabin Fever

We arrived in Berlin more than one month ago, and soon, very soon, we will leave for China. This is the longest we have been stationary since March. The weather in Berlin is getting colder, the days are growing darker. Our To Do list is slowly getting shorter, which means we have been staying in […]

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Unforgettable Days Cycling In Europe, Part 2

As you know, we are both quite fond of nature and we like to preserve her resources whenever we can. With that in mind, we bring you a second day of recycled posts. For those of you who are new here, this should be a great introduction to our trip. For those of you who’ve […]

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cycling europe

Unforgettable Days Cycling Europe, Part 1

Before we get started… Happy Birthday biggest big brother! We’re thinking about you today. Here’s wishing you all the best for the year to come. Today was a pretty insignificant day. We boxed some stuff for mailing, shopped for a few packing supplies, and walked around the neighbourhood. It got me to thinking how the […]

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Til The Walls Come Tumbling Down

In a few days we fly to China, where we will visit The Great Wall, a now-crumbling, once-mighty barrier meant to keep China safe and free from marauders from the West. I am particularly looking forward to traversing sections of the wall that are not maintained for tourists. Lots of the wall is tumbling down, […]

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When you set out to do something big, you often think “I am going to do this”, “I am going to accomplish that”. But nothing big is achieved by one person alone. Every effort is an effort of “we”. Sure, Stephen and I rode 6,447 km in Europe, but WE – every reader of this […]

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The Great Cake-Off

Since we got to Berlin, Jesse has been offering to make his Monmouth Coffee Cake. We love cake, and we love Monmouth Coffee, but the problem is, the cake isn’t vegan. Even though, while biking, we’ve been eating non-vegan items on a regular basis, we both felt a little yucky about actually commissioning a non-vegan […]

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