December 2013


Past Life Reverberation

8,008 km so far. Update on Jane: She is still sick. How sick is she? Tonight, one of her favourite bands, Efterklang, played in town. A friend from our long-distant life in London put us on the guest list. And yet, Jane stayed home. Jane’s note: You may have noticed that Efterklang’s Magic Chairs appears […]

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Moving Out

8,008 km so far. Sick update: Still sick, like too sick to get out of bed or go anywhere or enjoy anything sick. Also, very sick of being sick. Still, needs must, and today we had to move out. Heather, who was loaning us her flat, has returned from the first leg of her trip, […]

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I Like Teaching Yoga

I feel bad. Jane has been holed up in bed all week, while I have been having a great time. Jane’s note: I keep thinking, today I will feel better, only to be laid flat again by the evening. Today, my throat is so sore, I keep putting off swallowing in order to avoid the […]

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