July 2014


Grateful Photo #212

One last chance to see this view.  ♥

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Shots From Nusa Penida

I was going to write a post about how Ubud is not the paradise many people claim it to be (too much traffic! too many tourists!). Then I decided it would be better to share our photos from Nusa Penida, an island not far off the coast of Bali which is pretty heavenly. Here’s a […]

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Grateful Photo #211

Return to health allowing me to return to yoga.  ♥

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Grateful Photo #210

A big plastic bag to make bike wrapping easy.  ♥

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Grateful Photo #209

Fresh ginger beer from Down To Earth.  ♥

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Grateful Photo #208

Okonomiyaki.  ♥

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Shots From Ubud

Our slow recovery from the depths of dengue has left the blog a little stale. Sorry about that. I hope these pictures of Ubud will help a little. Everywhere you look here, there is art. Folk art abounds. Nature is pretty striking here, too. As always, the people are fascinating, locals and tourists alike. Plus, […]

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birds at Narendra Guest House Ubud

Grateful Photo #207

Not all birds are caged.  ♥

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Grateful Photo #206

Guesthouse dinosaur.  ♥

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Grateful Photo #205

Vibrant flowers.  ♥

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