November 2015


best travel apps

The 5 Best Travel Apps to Take Absolutely Everywhere

There are approximately 8 bajillion travel apps in the world and at least four thousand of those sound pretty damn cool. But there are only a few that count as the best travel apps – the ones we used almost every day of our two-year bike tour and continue to use on a regular basis […]

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Live Your Adventure Now, Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

It’s easy to think that our world is a place filled with madness, sorrow, and fear. The everyday violence of terror attacks — not to mention the wars that continue to rage in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Mexico, Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan and so many other places across the globe — are utterly beyond comprehension. It’s scary […]

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Can Yoga Help You Find Your Vision?

A little while ago, my teacher Darren Rhodes posed a series of questions to a group of his students. What do you aim to pass on? To offer? What’s your bigger vision that will serve others? Or, what’s your inward vision that means being away from one and all that will serve others? Big or […]

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Sharing your dreams with friends and family can be one of the scariest things you ever do. Here's how to handle their most common (and annoying) reactions.

The Danger of Sharing Your Dreams

I’m a dreamer. I get big ideas all the time. Some of them fizzle before they’re even a spark. Others slowly take shape in my brain (and my heart) until they’re too big to ignore. At that point, I jump in with both feet, take that puffy dream and shape it into a plan. Then […]

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