March 2016


avoid risk like it's a scary banana

11 No-Fail Ways to Avoid Risk, Discomfort, and Uncertainty

If you’re like most people – if you want to avoid risk, if you never want to experience any discomfort (no matter how minor), and you want to always know exactly what’s coming around the bend… If all you want is a quiet life, a comfortable life, a marshmallow existence, where everything happens just like […]

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How to Use Fear to Steer in the Right Direction

Fear is there to keep you safe, right? You use fear to tell you when it’s time to run away and hide under a rock. Fear keeps you from jumping off a cliff to certain death. Sorry Fear, but you’re not always right. Sometimes, at the bottom of the cliff is a warm azure sea […]

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the one thing you need to live your dreams

This is the ONE Thing You Need to Live Your Dreams

Can you guess what it is? Money? No! Time? No! A magical wish from a genie in a bottle? Nope. Not even close. Maybe this quote from the 14th Dalai Lama will give you a hint. That’s right. Consistent effort is the key to success. So you have a vision for the next exciting adventure […]

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