October 2017


best restaurants in gili islands

Best Gili Islands Vegan & Vegetarian Food

If you’re looking for the best food Gili Islands vegan food, this is your complete guide! The Gili Islands have a great food scene, including western restaurants and Indonesia eateries — and most of them cater to animal-friendly eaters, too! You’re also going to love these: Detailed vegan guides to Canggu & Ubud → Your […]

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best sarajevo apartments

10 Best Sarajevo Airbnb Apartments for an Amazing Stay

Forget about hotels for your trip to Sarajevo. The best deals are to be had in the Sarajevo’s Airbnb apartments. These are our picks of the very best Sarajevo apartments in each budget range. Earlier this year, I took a quick jaunt around the Balkans, visiting Bulgaria, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The biggest (pleasant) […]

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best hotels in gili islands blog image

Gili Islands Hotels – Where to Stay in the Gili Islands for Every Budget

Finding best Gili Islands hotels is not easy — there are so many to choose from! Save yourself some time by trying one of our picks of the best places to stay on the Gili Islands, from the ultra budget to the extra luxurious. What’s in our guide to Gili Islands Hotels? 1. Which is […]

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things to do in gili islands

Best Things To Do in the Gili Islands in Indonesia

The Gili Islands make a fun island escape from Bali. Read this post to find out what you’ll do when you get there! What’s in our guide to things to do in the Gili Islands? 1. Yoga on the Gili Islands → 2. SUP and Kayaking → 3. Snorkelling → 4. Scuba Diving the Gili […]

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best whistler spas and yoga

The Best Whistler Spas and Yoga Studios for a Weekend Retreat

For a mindful weekend retreat, skip the slopes and book some quality “me” time in these Whistler spas and yoga classes. Most people head to Whistler BC to hit the mountains for hiking, skiing, or biking — and to enjoy après ski shenanigans in the evening. But, for mindful travellers, Whistler is also the perfect […]

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yoga for hikers

Yoga for Hikers: How to Recover Quickly After an Epic Trek

If you’re looking for a few easy yoga poses that will help your muscles recover quickly from hiking, trekking, or just too much walking, this Yoga for Hikers guide is for you! When our fellow hikers learn that I travel and teach yoga, they always ask what stretches to do after hiking. During our last […]

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best place to stay in lombok

Is This Cosy Retreat the Best Place to Stay in Lombok?

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Lombok, Indonesia, you may have just found it. If you want relaxation and romance with an outstanding view from not one, but two infinity pools, The Puncak is waiting to welcome you. As I ascend the staircase that leads to the outdoor lobby of The […]

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