May 2018


bike touring malaysia

Bike Touring Malaysia: Everything you Need to Know for an Amazing Adventure

If you’re thinking of bike touring Malaysia, we say, get ready for an adventure! From remote islands with sandy beaches, to captivating colonial towns, and high mountain passes, Malaysia never gets boring. Read on to find out if cycle touring Malaysia is right for you. What’s in our guide to bike touring Malaysia? 1. Food […]

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vietnam or cambodia

Vietnam or Cambodia? Here’s your guide to choosing the best country for your next adventure

Trying to decide between visiting Vietnam or Cambodia? I feel ya! It is a TOUGH choice. We’ve been to both several times and have spent almost a year travelling this fantastic region. Keep reading to discover which of these amazing countries is right for your adventure. What’s in our guide to choosing between Vietnam and […]

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best lightweight walking shoes

Lightweight Walking Shoes – Get Tips on Choosing & Our Picks of the Best

Have you been searching for the best lightweight walking shoes for travel? During our 20 years of travel, we’ve tested and rejected dozens of pairs of shoes. Read on to get our best tips for choosing find our favourite travel shoes. What’s in this guide to the best lightweight walking shoes? Our tips for choosing […]

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Bike Touring Vietnam

Bike Touring Vietnam: Everything you Need to Know for an Amazing Adventure

If you’re thinking of bike touring Vietnam, then we say, good for you, you adventurous soul! Vietnam is a spectacular destination, and travelling Vietnam by bike is the ideal way to get off the tourist trail. Bike touring Vietnam can be challenging though! Read on to find out if cycle touring Vietnam is right for […]

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best anti theft backpack

Is This The Best Anti Theft Backpack For Travel? (Review)

Looking for the best anti theft backpack for travel (and daily life)? We have put the Standard Luggage Daily daypack to the test, on planes, trains, busses, bikes, beaches and more! Here’s what we think of this theft proof backpack. Also don’t miss these posts: Don’t miss our guide to the best travel backpacks → […]

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Moroccan Hammam

Visiting a Moroccan Hammam – Our Tips to Get the Best Experience

Even if you’re not usually a spa person, visiting a Moroccan hammam is an essential part of any Moroccan holiday. Don’t go in unprepared! If you’re wondering what happens in a hammam, read this post before you go. What’s in our guide to Moroccan hammams? 1. What to Expect in a Moroccan Hammam [Video] → […]

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bike touring italy

Bike Touring Italy: Everything You Need to Know for an Amazing Adventure

If you’re thinking of bike touring Italy, we say an emphatic GO FOR IT! Italy offers twisting roads through peaceful countryside, marvellous frozen-in-time villages, and the world’s most perfect cycle touring food! Read on to find out if cycle touring Italy is right for you. Also don’t miss these posts: Check your gear with our […]

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bus to cambodia

How to Get the Bus to Cambodia from Thailand, Vietnam & Laos

If you’re worried about handling border crossings, transport, and scams on your way to Cambodia, don’t be! It’s not nearly as bad as people say it is — especially if you know what you’re doing. Here’s your guide to getting the bus to Cambodia from Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. What’s in our Guide to Getting […]

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morocco retreat

Domaine de la Roseraie: Blissful Spa Retreat near Marrakech

Domaine de la Roseraie is a gorgeous spa and yoga retreat, about an hour from Marrakech. It makes a perfect mindful escape from the overwhelming city streets. If you want a romantic escape or a weekend spa break near Marrakech, this resort in the spectacular Ouirgane Valley is ideal. You’ll also love our other posts […]

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