Adventure Yoga with Stephen

Discover the courage and confidence to live your OWN adventure.

Who Am I?

Hey. What’s up? I’m Stephen Ewashkiw (that’s eee-wash-key) – travelling yogi and adventurer.

I teach yoga to people who want to make the best of their lives and to find the courage to live their own adventures. We should all be able to live our best lives and to live our OWN lives. At my workshops, you will learn that you can.

I teach, inspiring, adventurous, exciting, sweaty, challenging, educational, yoga workshops around the world.

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In my classes, I teach you how to skillfully refine your poses and how to improve your techniques. You’ll learn anatomy and alignment while developing mindfulness that you can use in yoga class and in the rest of your life. I help you focus on form using clear instructions and demonstrations. Often we’ll use props and practice meditation, pranayama (breath work), and work with mantras.

I will teach you how the philosophy that underpins the yoga practice can be a practical guide to help you in your life.

Be warned! When you come to my class I’m going to demand your attention. Come prepared to work hard, come prepared to have fun. If we do it “right”, transformation may occur.

Who Are You?

It doesn’t matter if you practice in a hot room or a cold room. I don’t care if you normally flow the shit out of your practice or you’re the most detail-oriented Iyengar student. If you’re willing to work hard, if you want to change, I am here for you.

  • Are you having difficulty staying on track with your goals?
  • Are you adventurous (or do you want to be)?
  • Do you want to learn?
  • Do you know there is more that yoga can offer you, but you’re not sure how to access it?
  • Do you want your yoga practice to keep inspiring you?
  • Do you want your yoga practice to help you be your best self?

What Are We Going To Do About It?

It can seem like yoga is just about doing a bunch of physical poses to get fit or to just relax. That’s just a drop in the ocean. Yoga is so much more. Rather than being stuck in someone else’s idea of what your life should be,Rather than being stuck in someone else’s idea of what your life should be, yoga helps you live your own adventure. We should all do what we love and love what we do. Thank fuck we have yoga to help. yoga helps you live your own adventure.

We should all do what we love and love what we do. Thank fuck we have yoga to help.

In my classes, I teach you to listen FOR your heart and to listen TO it. From there we can increase your confidence and strength so you have the courage to take the next step towards your best life.

OK, bear with me. This is the part that is hard to explain without sounding like an ultra-spiritual hippy douche.

Yoga Sutra 1.2 says, yoga chitta vritta nirodhana. In case you’re not fluent in Sanskrit, that means “yoga is a calming of the mind”.

Yoga is a practice of calming your mind – not to make it completely still or empty – but so you can hear what is going on inside, far away from the noise and chaos of daily life. My goal is that you develop skills on your yoga mat that help you to be mindful in every action you take outside the yoga studio. My goal is to teach you techniques you can use to be your best, by doing your best. It is through this self-study that you discover who you are, what is important, what motivates and inspires you.

That’s why we say Adventure Begins at OM.

Adventure starts inside you and through mindfulness, you can expand it into your own version of what life should be.

Who the Hell Am I?

If you’re looking for name-dropping, accolades, and tales of adventure, here you go:

  • I recently completed Noah Mazé’s YOGAMAZÉ Certification programme which I like to call my Ph.D. in yoga.
  • I graduated from Noah Mazé’s YOGAMAZÉ 300-Hour Teacher Training in 2015; Noah’s training is arguably the most effective, intensive teacher training in yoga
  • I am Yoga Alliance Registered (E-RYT 500, their highest accreditation)
  • I studied with Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell for my 200-Hour Teacher Training in Anusara yoga
  • I have done thousands of hours of yoga study with teachers you’ve heard of and plenty you haven’t
  • I have taught thousands of hours of yoga to hundreds of students in more than 25 countries
  • I am also a lululemon Ambassador and teach at their stores around the world

I was a full-time yoga teacher in Los Angeles before my wife, Jane, and I left LA in March 2013 to ride our bicycles through the world. We completed the trip in Bali after 18 months of travel, having pedalled 16,000 km in 22 countries.

stephen and jane mount bromo indonesia

Mount Bromo selfie, with actual volcanic smoke in the background.

Being a yoga teacher on a bicycle trip was an amazing chance to meet and teach yoga students all around the world. Jane and I now work together (online and in person) to help people experience life as fully as possible. Find out more on our About Us page.

What Do My Students Say?

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some really nice things my awesome students have said about me.

Hale Appleman, Actor

Hale Appleman recently moved to Vancouver to shoot his role in The Magicians, a TV series that I can’t wait to see. Hale, a student from LA, says:

hale appleman actor 200“Stephen Ewashkiw helped me find my feet in Los Angeles and ground them into the earth in a way no other yoga practitioner has been able to, and at a time when I would have otherwise drifted away. I had studied yoga for years, but with his specific instruction I found new strength in my alignment which had a profound effect on my posture, my outlook, and my relationship to the world around me and my loved ones. Stephen’s class is inspired and inspiring, I can’t recommend him highly enough. Stephen pushes you to be your best self and I am so grateful our paths have crossed.”

Teresa Kuan, Author & Professor

Teresa followed her heart from LA to Hong Kong, where she is a professor of anthropology and has just published her first book, Love’s Uncertainty. Teresa, who I’ve had the pleasure to teach in LA, Hong Kong, and Shanghai says:

teresa kuan author 200“You are utterly true to yourself, and that sincerity and honesty comes across in the teaching. You recognize bullshit in others, but you also just as equally recognize bullshit in yourself. Hence the fun and much appreciated moments of self-deprecating humor in class. With that said, you are, however, utterly serious about the things that one ought to be serious about. Seriousness about alignment is humbling for students who are easily seduced by spectacular poses (I am guilty). Remembering small details I’ve learned in the workshops in Hong Kong and Shanghai, like rooting down the four corners of my feet, always returns my mind to what is important.”

Dylan Ryan, Musician

Dylan travels the world as a drummer in bands such as Cursive, Rainbow Arabia, Icy Demons and creates intimate, atmospheric soundscapes as Dylan Ryan Sand. Dylan, another LA-based student says:

Dylan Ryan drummer 200“Stephen is a teacher who actually “teaches,” not just leads a class through a series of stretches. Stephen’s classes have really helped me to deepen my practice. Stephen clearly has great anatomical knowledge and his ability to break down poses that may initially seem out of reach is really helpful in a fun and challenging way. I think my favorite aspect of Stephen’s class is how he offers ways to fit an ancient practice into our modern day-to-day reality.”

Audrey Millstein, Fitness Trainer

Audrey is a kick-ass fitness instructor in LA. Try her awesome online fitness classes, Fitness for Friends. Audrey says:

audrey millstein trainer 200“There are only so many teachers that make me want to come back to class. I learn something new every time, because Stephen is a true teacher. It is so important for me as a student to be able to switch over and get out of my head when I come to practice. Everything he teaches has his perspective and thought behind it so I always want to listen because I know he has taken the time to think about what he is passing on. I would take his class if I were you.”

OK, I’m Down. Now What?

So, you know you want more from your life. Awesome. So do I. I always want to experience more and I want more for you, too. When your yoga practice has a purpose, when it is focused, and when YOU are focused on your practice, yoga is a kick in the ass that causes huge life changes.

For yoga to work it takes skill, it takes effort, and it’s hard. That’s why I’m here!

Students who practice with me regularly apply the skills they learn to gain courage and clarity outside the yoga studio. By learning more about themselves, they shift their focus to things that matter to them. They are better able to set, keep, and achieve their goals.

11 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Me

  • One winter, I worked in a bar at 2,000 metres in the French Alps. I had to take 2 chairlifts to get to work each day.
  • I sleep on my left side at home and my right side when I’m away.
  • My surname is Ukrainian but my grandfather was born in Poland.
  • I hate flossing my teeth, but I do it anyway.
  • Before yoga, I travelled the world managing rock bands.
  • I make killer vegan Nanaimo Bars.
  • I have lived in Canada, Britain, Norway, the US, and France.
  • I love being naked.
  • Jane and I hiked across mountains and glaciers in Norway in 2004.
  • I was on the Pyramid Stage (Main Stage) at Glastonbury with Blur in 1998.
  • I have a titanium collarbone.
Also, I love to ride my bike.

Also, I love to ride my bike.

Get in Touch

Amazing! You made it all the way to the bottom of this page. If you want to know more come join me at one of my upcoming workshops. Or get in touch.

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