17 Ways to Change Your Life and Get More Adventure in 2017

A guide to help you get more from life in 2017 and beyond

change your life in 2017

This year is halfway gone! Have you gotten enough adventure in 2017? If not, it’s time to change your life, step out of that comfort zone, and get ready for an adventure.

Even if you’re having a great year (like we are), you can always get MORE out of 2017 — more growth, more excitement, more change, and more adventure.


Do you want MORE from the second half of 2017? Do you want to do something that might change your life?

Awesome! To help you start this summer off with a bang, here are 17 ways to…

Change Your Life and Get More Adventure in 2017

This year is halfway gone! Have you gotten enough adventure in 2017? If not, it’s time to change your life, step out of that comfort zone, and get ready for an adventure.

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1. Say Yes

It’s easy to think of reasons to say no when opportunities come knocking. To make sure you’re ready to say “yes” when it counts, practice by saying “yes” to little chances that come up in everyday life. You never know where a small “yes” might lead. Say it enough and you might just change your life.

2. Say No

On the other hand, try saying “no” to responsibilities and commitments that don’t serve you anymore. People tend to keep doing things long after they make sense, just out of habit. So take a good look at your life and see what you can drop. This will free up time and energy you need for more important things, like planning for new adventures.

3. Try Yoga / Try a New Yoga Teacher

You know we love yoga, but do you know why? Because yoga takes you out of your comfort zone, asks you to challenge yourself in new ways every time you practice, and encourages you to examine your innermost desires. All this can add up to more confidence to change your life and face those changes head on.

So if you’ve been meaning to give yoga a try, NOW is the time.

To get started, try Stephen’s Intro to Yoga Class online. Just sign up to Yogaia using this link and you’ll get 30 days of unlimited yoga!

If you’re already a yogi, expand your adventure by joining Stephen’s weekly yoga tune-up every Wednesday Live on Facebook. Like his page to get notified!

adventure in 2017

A little hand balance in honour of the earth, at Mount Bromo.

4. Make a Plan

Life changes rarely just happen; you have to want to change your life and you have to make it happen. If you sit around waiting for adventure to come knocking on your door, you’ll wait a long time. Instead, start planning today. What does your ultimate adventure look like and how are you going to make it happen?

5. Learn a New Skill

I’ve been wanting to learn to ride a motorbike for a few years now and yet I still don’t know how. I’m going to do it in 2017! This new skill will give us the freedom to completely change our life of travel. What have you been putting off? What can you start learning this year that will help you step into your next adventure?

adventure in 2017 phong nha vietnam

6. Go Inside

Yes, I’m talking about meditation. It might seem counterintuitive, but sitting quietly in meditation can help you discover exactly what is in your heart. It can help you figure out what parts of your life you need to change and exactly what your next adventure should be.

Don’t believe me? Find out more about what meditation can do for you or just dive in by joining our 7-Day Meditation Kick-Start.

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7. Go Outside

When’s the last time you had an adventure in your living room or your office? Exactly. The first step to change your life is to go outside and let the world help blow away those routine cobwebs.

8. Become a Local Tourist

Most of us have responsibilities that don’t leave much room for big changes. But, you can still kick-start a change in your life by taking a mini-adventure where you live. Visit a local tourist attraction, take a hike, rent a kayak, join a club… the opportunities for local adventures are endless. Once you start in on something new, positive changes are bound to happen.

adventure in 2017

Go see a local tourist attraction!

9. Wake Up Happy

Is your first thought in the morning something along the lines of “why god why?” Trust me, I’ve been there. There are lots of things in life you can’t control, but believe it or not, you do have control over how happy you are.

Make a start by waking up and thinking of one good thing you’re looking forward to that day (no matter how small). It could be a cup of coffee, a walk in the park, or listening to a new song that you love. It’s amazing how much difference a tiny positive thought can make to your entire day. Once I started doing this, my mood improved and I was so much happier, without really anything else changing!

Here’s more on how to be happier.

10. Be Brave

Fear is the ultimate adventure-killer – it can keep you from making any change in your life. Fear desperately wants you to keep safely snuggled up in your comfort zone. If fear is stopping you from stretching your wings, it’s time to find your courage.

If you need help getting over your fears, I wrote a post about conquering fear here.

11. Live This Year Like It’s Your Last

You might have a five- and ten-year plan all mapped out but what if this year was your very last? Would you be happy with the way you’ve spent it? Would you wish you had changed your life sooner? What would you regret never having done? Make a one-year bucket list and see how many things you can cross off in the next 365 days.

12. Be Vulnerable

You don’t have all the answers. You can’t fix all the problems. You can’t do everything by yourself. Start admitting this and start reaching out to people who can do the things you can’t. You’ll be surprised at the risky, challenging, and adventurous things your new vulnerable self can tackle.

13. Learn to Cook (Something New)

Food equals survival, but it can be so much more than that. It’s family, it’s culture, it’s joy, it’s art, and it’s a skill. If you can’t cook, learn — and if you can, try learning to cook something new. Making your own food and luxuriating in the flavours you created is a change you can embark on every single day.

avoid homesickness in croatia

Stephen asked the guest house owner if we could use his kitchen for this home cooked meal.

14. Exercise Every Day

You don’t have to hit the gym or the yoga studio for two hours a day but do try to reserve at least 10 minutes a day for exercise. That could be an early morning walk, a quick yoga vinyasa, a bike ride, 10 minutes of abs… a little exercise can go a long way to giving you the confidence and strength you need to change your life.

Our friend Audrey Millstein has a great series of short (& fun!) fitness videos for you to try.

15. Ride a Bike

As you might know, we love to cycle. Even though our own bikes are locked up in a storage unit in Canada right now, we rent, borrow, or use bikeshare whenever we can.

There’s something about the freedom of two wheels (completely powered by you) and an open road that screams adventure. So if your bike is gathering dust in your basement, grab it and get out there. The view from two wheels can change your perspective which might just help in changing your life.

Checking out the road ahead in Slovakia.

Checking out the road ahead in Slovakia.

16. Picture Your Future

What does 2017 have in store for you? Are you thrilled by what’s coming? If not, it’s time to turn a corner and find a new path. There’s nothing like sitting down and thinking about where you’re headed to motivate you into making a much-needed change.

17. Travel

This one needs no explanation. There’s nothing like travel to kick you out of your comfort zone, help you figure out what you want and help you build the courage to get there.

If “travel more” is on your list this year, grab our guide to unsticking yourself, changing your life and living your adventure.

How will you change your life in 2017? Share your plans and ideas in the comments!

  Happy adventures in 2017, Jane & Stephen


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