Adventure Yoga: Can Yoga Really Help You Live Your Best Life?

How time on the mat can prepare you for any adventure

adventure yoga live your adventure

I’ll admit, I get some pretty strange looks when I tell people I teach Adventure Yoga.

To most people, at first glance, yoga seems to be the opposite of adventure. Yoga is where you go to escape the exciting/stressful twists and turns of your life, right?

Sure, it can start out that way — but dig a little deeper and you’ll find yoga can transform your life.

Just like any transformation, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Life is hard. So is yoga.

That’s kinda the point of yoga. And it is exactly the point of Adventure Yoga. Facing the challenges of the poses on the mat helps to prepare you for the challenges in your life.

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So can yoga really transform your life and help you find adventures you didn’t even know you wanted?

The short answer is YES! (And it doesn’t even have to be called Adventure Yoga to do it).

Read on to find out how yoga can do this miraculous thing, not just for everyone else, but for you too!

How Yoga Can Help You Live Your Adventure

Facing the challenges of doing the postures on the mat helps to prepare you for the challenges in your life.  So can yoga really transform your life and help you find adventures you didn't even know you wanted?  The short answer is YES! Click to find out how.

If at First You Don’t Succeed

One of the great lessons of yoga is this:

If you try a pose again and again, eventually it will get easier.

Just think back to your first Down Dog. Once upon a time, it was awkward, painful, and just plain weird to stick your butt up in the air like that. After 50 or 100 or 1000 Down Dogs, it feels very different from that first one. Less awkward, less painful, more rewarding.

(Plus, you might also now know that it’s called Adho Mukha Svanasana in Sanskrit.)

And what about headstand? At one time, you may have thought standing on your head was an impossibility. Now, maybe you can get one or both feet off of the ground. Heck, maybe you can headstand in the middle of the room for 20 minutes.

Whatever progress you’ve made, it has come from making the effort, again and again.

The same applies to almost everything you do in life. When you learned to walk or ride a bike, it took hours and hours of practice to get it right. When you learned to write, you had to repeat the same letters over and over again before it felt natural.

Whatever it is you want to do — become a travelling yoga teacher, create your own 6-figure business, support yourself with your art — yoga helps you understand that it won’t happen the first time you try.

But you’ll also understand that if you keep on trying, you will be able to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Yoga can help you live your adventure by uncovering the CONFIDENCE you need to keep trying until you succeed.

It’s Not That Scary Outside Your Comfort Zone

Humans are naturally risk-averse. In our modern lives, it has become an epidemic. Everyone — from our parents to our politicians to our corporations — conditions us to be afraid be veeeery afraid! We fear debt, terrorists, car crashes, disease, neighbours, strangers, change…

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In yoga, there’s a lot of fear too.

It takes a lot of courage to walk into a yoga studio for the first time. It’s not easy to admit that you don’t know anything – including which way up your mat goes, whether you should wear socks, and what the heck Namaste means.

adventure yoga turtle

Once you get over the initial hump, your yoga teachers keep asking you to take risks. They want you to do just one more Chaturanga even though your arms are on fire. Or they ask you to stand on your head or balance on your hands or try to do the splits!

None of that stuff is inside your comfort zone, I’ll bet.

Guess what? If you try these things, you’re going to fail for a while. Maybe months. Maybe years.

You fall down. You might get a bruise. You soon discover what little children all over the world know. Falling down is not such a big deal.

Trying and failing is just one step on a staircase that eventually leads to trying and succeeding.

Yoga can help get us used to trying new things even if we think we’re going to fail. Yoga helps us learn that taking risks is not deadly. It shows us that risk is not even that scary; it’s just a normal part of living.

Yoga can help you live your adventure by revealing your COURAGE. It will help you step outside of your comfort zone and take the risks that lead to your adventure.

Concentration, Contemplation, and Meditation

After you’ve been practising yoga for a while, you may find that the poses become easier and that practising yoga becomes more meditative. You may be able to worry less about what your body is doing which opens the door for more self-reflection.

How do you feel? How does the pose feel? What is your body telling you?

Self-reflection, or meditation, is what yoga, at its heart, is all about.

Yoga doesn’t change who you are or how you feel. But it does help you find the time and the ability to recognise and accept what has always been inside of you.

It also helps you examine your life and notice the choices you make on a daily basis.

Yoga can help you live your adventure by giving you the chance to concentrate, contemplate, and meditate. This self-reflection can lead to CLARITY around who you are and what you want your best life — your adventure — to look like.

Adventure Begins at Om

Practising yoga can provide you with the tools you need to move from the life that society, parents, teachers, and friends have shaped for you towards the life that you were born to live — your adventure.

Yoga can help you live that adventure by:

  • Building the confidence you need to keep trying until you succeed.
  • Uncovering the courage you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.
  • Giving you the clarity to discover what direction you want to go.

And that’s why I teach Adventure Yoga.

So you can step on the mat hoping to stretch your hamstrings or reduce stress and step off with the tools you need to live your adventure.

  Happy adventures on and off the mat, Stephen & Jane

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