A Campsite Appears

By Jane Mountain | July 3, 2013

3458 km so far.

After our wild opera concert last night, followed by the wrath of mother nature, sleep came surprisingly easy. This morning we were awoken by the sun beating down on our tent.

Though we thought perhaps no one would care if we just rode away from the campsite without paying, our sense of what’s right and good got the better of us, and we stopped by the house at the top of the campsite on our way out. “One night?” the woman asked. “Two,” we both replied.

Our honesty will pay off in the long run, we’re sure of it.

Hot And Happy

The ride we’d planned today was short and easy. Just a quick 40 km jaunt up the lake district to find our next campground. The riding was beautiful, flat, and easy, with no wind (amazing!).

The hot sun baked the wheat growing all around us, giving our ride the accompanying scent of fresh baked bread. Swallows soared overhead and cows wandered drowsily through the fields.

roadsign in poland

A great roadsign in Mazuria.

People in this part of Poland seem very happy and friendly. We received smiles and waves all the way along our route today.

Our bikes were all sparkly clean and running well after yesterday’s maintenance session, too. It couldn’t have been a nicer ride.

Tempted By Fish

Around 11:30, I decided it was time to stop for a second breakfast. I was hoping for a plate of pierogies, so we stopped in at Rybaczówka, a little restaurant / pensionjat / marina alongside our route. Before we even sat down, Stephen was conversing with a husband and wife, Kamil and Monika, who were running the place, and who both speak perfect English.

Rybaczowka marina poland

The marina at Rybaczowka.

We discovered, this being a fish restaurant, that they only had fish pierogies (plus a whole host of other fish dishes). Fish pierogies is something we’ve never heard of, and something we’d quite like to try, seeing as the fish come straight out of the lake 20 m away.

But, we refrained. Instead, Stephen devised a pasta and grilled veg dish they were happy to make for us.

Perfectly grilled veggies with pasta. Yum.

Perfectly grilled veggies with pasta. Yum.

We got talking to Monika and asked if she knew of a nice campsite on this side of the lake. There are dozens of places to camp here, so the trick is finding a good one. She recommended a few and then pulled in Kamil to help out. Recommendations in hand, we happily ate our lunch.

Short Ride Shortened

Before we were done, Kamil came over to our table and said, “You don’t need to go anywhere, you know. You could stay here.” He then pointed out a few places we could put our tent and the showers and bathrooms they have for the people staying at the marina.

Um, OK, sounds good to us. Camp in this lovely little spot, or take our chances further down the road? Easy decision.

blue and green kayaks by the water

Kayaks by the water.

We weren’t sure if this was a generous offer, or a way for them to make a little more money, but we didn’t care. The setting is perfect, the weather is beautiful, and we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to sit in the bar until closing, using their WiFi and enjoying a few beers.

PS. We are paying for our little camping spot, but it’s a very reasonable price that we’re happy to contribute to this great little place.  

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