A Very Uneventful Day

By Jane Mountain | June 25, 2013

2942 km so far.

Today’s ride was mostly along the highway, which sounds like it might be bad, but actually we enjoyed it. Highway 7 is a wide road in excellent condition, with a huge shoulder that left us feeling well removed from the cars and trucks using the route.

Our wide, straight road for the day.

Our wide, straight road for the day.

As is usual on the highway, cars went by in little traffic clusters of 7 or 8 vehicles and then nothing would come for ages. All the better for us.

Cuddly Bunnies

The big thrill of my day came when we saw a jackrabbit bounding along in the field next to our road. It was huge – the size of a Pit Bull or a Sheltie. It had fluffy long ears and big powerful back legs and it looked so soft I wanted to give it a big cuddle, but I guess it probably wouldn’t have been OK with that.

Other than that, it was a fast ride to Kielce (which we have been calling Khaleesi) and an easy job to find the hostel and get checked in. My Polish is getting better, which is a good thing, because nobody at the hostel speaks English. I now know how to say kitchen (kuchina), toilet (toalety), please (prosze), and thank you (dziekuje). Bicycles are rower and vegetarian is wegetarianski. If that doesn’t work, there’s also “no meat”, nie mieso. I can also recognise lots of different food items and even know the names of a few different fruits.

Of course, all this knowledge will be desperately confusing next week when we cross the border into Lithuania.

Finding Our C Legs

We are starting to feel comfortable on the bikes again, but it’s still a bit of a struggle. Both of us have sore butts, legs, arms, and backs this evening, and after 68 km, we feel like we rode 100. In a few more days, I hope we’ll have found our cycling legs, but right now I am limping around a bit.

Our exhaustion almost kept us from visiting the town centre of Kielce, but we managed to get there for a short walk.

main street keilce poland

The fancy pedestrianised main street / wind tunnel in Kielce.

We’ve decided to try and go fairly straight and fast (for us) northwards, as neither of us is that excited about staying in Poland much longer, and we are lukewarm on the Baltics. The faster we go north, the longer we’ll have to spend getting from St. Petersburg to Berlin. It would be nice to spend a couple of weeks in Scandinavia, even though that will likely bankrupt us!

And that was today. Sorry for the dull post, but not every day can be an adventure.

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  1. Comment by Rowena

    Rowena June 27, 2013 at 5:21 am

    Finding it hard to keep up with you! So glad you are livin’ the dream – and you’re still peddling away. Stephen – how cool to do that family history research on the spot! Glad you made it to Dubrovnik too – good for GofT fans – or are you not?! Anyway wanted to say you should see what Maxine has been up to – and perhaps get one of these – if you’re thinking of cheating and taking any trains! Big hugs, keep cyclin’ – and hope to see you over here in September! Rox

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane June 28, 2013 at 10:49 am

      Thanks for the link! That is very cool and something we will most definitely check out. The next part of our journey will almost surely involve trains and busses, since we’re still trying to find a route from Berlin to South East Asia that doesn’t involve plains. We’re thinking of cycling to Istanbul, and then parts of Turkey and Iran. Have you ever been? I know you’re Oman fans, but not sure if you’ve gone east from there. We are GofT fans (so obsessed), but didn’t really realise the connection until after we’d left Dubrovnik! Oh well…

  2. Comment by mauricio

    mauricio June 26, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    C’mon, that wasn’t boring, quite nice ;-)

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