Back, Back, And Forth

By Jane Mountain | November 11, 2014

One year ago today, Stephen gave me the best birthday present ever, rescuing me from the absolute lowest point of our trip, by securing us a place on a tourist cruise ship down the Yangtze.

Two years ago, I was obsessively getting ready for our bike trip, and worrying about the environmental impact of all the new clothes we had to buy.

Three years ago, I was just launching My Five Acres, and posting what is still one of my favourite posts of all time, The Lazy Guy’s Guide To Going Green.

This year, I am in the midst of assessing all aspects of my life, and making a start at creating the kind of life I really want to live. I have no idea what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be this time next year, but I can truly say I feel incredibly grateful to have that journey ahead.  


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