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By Stephen Ewashkiw | June 22, 2013

Last night when we got home from dinner, Anna presented me with a death certificate for my great-grandmother. This was a breakthrough as it contained the official Polish spelling of my great-grandfather’s surname, which we always knew was slightly different from how we spell it. It turns out the Polish spelling of my name is IWASZKIW. This led me to begin searching online for references to this name, and there are many.

Iwaszkiws settled in Ohio, Iwaszkiws still live in Ukraine, and I even found references to an artist (my great-grandfather Onyfrey Iwaszkiw was an icon painter) teaching near L’viv, where we think Onyfrey once lived.

What a piece of information to get on the day before we leave this area! Thankfully there is the internet, so I will continue to research this new history as we ride.

Big City

We left Łosie this morning with my parents, bound for Kraków. An uneventful two hours later and we were back in the big city. We are here for two days before my parents fly back to Canada, and Jane and I finally get back on our bikes.

It is still hot, and the rain, thunder, and lightning from last night have followed us here. A fantastic storm crashed and flashed and rained down in Kraków this afternoon, so again we listened and watched from a window.

Bright Lights

It cleared in time for us to go to dinner, but sadly we chose poorly, and half our group were not impressed with our meal. Jane and I had eaten at Spoldzielnia before and we both really enjoyed it, but today’s meals didn’t make the grade.

vegetarian burger krakow poland

Stephen’s burger was pretty tasty.

When we got back home we heard more banging and crashing outside. But this time it wasn’t thunder. Fireworks were lighting up the sky with colourful flashes. It was nothing like last night’s lightning storm, and we couldn’t see the actual explosions as our windows face the courtyard of our building, but it sounded impressive.

Turns out there is a large Solstice tradition in Kraków. Being too tired to drag ourselves away from impending sleep, we missed out on the annual celebration.  

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