Back To Reality

By Stephen Ewashkiw | April 29, 2014

13,260 km so far.

It was an early boat back to Sihanoukville, and away from Koh Ta Kiev. We have places to cycle, budgets to stick to, and things to see, so we need to get back on the bikes. After all, they’re not going to pedal themselves to Bali.

Wheels A Steal

While Jane dutifully got to work uploading a few blog posts, I went out to get new tires.

As Jane mentioned, we have finally worn out our kick-ass tires after 13 months of intense riding.

Deestone are the only tires of any reknown at the three bike shops near our hotel. The internet tells me they are made by a Thai company that source their rubber and other materials from within Thailand, and they seem to be quite reputable manufactures of tires of all kinds. Finding reviews of their bicycle tires proved a challenge.

We had to rely on the advice of a woman in one of the shops who said:

These ones are Chinese, $3. These ones are Thai, $4. Thai much better quality. Chinese ones not good. Cheap.

Jane had found an expat cyclist in Sihanoukville online and he had recommended one of the shops near us, so I went there this afternoon to get three new tires (I just replaced my rear tire back on Laos with the one we’ve been carrying with us).

Three new tires, one spare inner tune, and on-the-spot installation cost $16.

The owner of the shop is a winner of the Sihanoukville annual bike race, and fixes the bikes of most of the pleasure cyclists in town. He had an impressive collection of spare parts, and I think he would have been able to help us with any problem. If you ever need bike work done in Sihanoukville, the shop is on Street 108, near 7 Makara Street about halfway along the road.

As for the tires, we’ll see how they go. They are 1/4 inch narrower and a good deal lighter than the tires we have been riding on, so they may be a bit faster. Then again, the tread is probably not designed for speed, so this may cancel out any benefit.

We’ll just be happy if they hold up reasonably well to Bangkok, or maybe even all the way to Bali.  


  1. Comment by Rob

    Rob May 5, 2014 at 2:34 am

    Glad the bike shop worked out for you! I hope the tires go the distance. Let us know.

    • Comment by Stephen

      Stephen May 5, 2014 at 4:27 am

      Thanks for your advice Rob. Really helpful. So far they are handling well!

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