Bad Tourist

By Stephen Ewashkiw | May 23, 2014

14,311 km so far.

My mornings are not the same without a great cup of coffee. Thankfully I have my Hario hand grinder, my Coffee Sock Co. Organic cotton coffee sock (filter), and my Melitta Ready Set Joe coffee brewer to make great coffee possible.

The Perfect Hangout

I have been absolutely loving searching out small coffee roasters, and cool cafés, around the world as we ride.

It is rare that we are somewhere with a local coffee shop pulling shots that are delicious enough to make me leave my own coffee-making supplies packed in a pannier. In George Town we are fortunate to be staying steps away from The Mugshot Café, a super cool, hip café – all reclaimed wood, chalkboards, and artisan treats – that wouldn’t be out of place in Toronto’s Leslieville, or Los Angeles’ Silverlake.

And their coffee is great.

Mugshot is always full of young, hip people, enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Mugshot is always full of young, hip people, enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Every day we have been in George Town we have visited Mugshot at least once for my morning joe, and often in the afternoon for a bagel, more coffee, and to make use of their WiFi, which is considerably faster than at our guesthouse. Thanks guys.

Jane’s note: Our guesthouse, Old Penang Guesthouse, is great as well – spotless, comfortable, quiet, friendly staff, excellent amenities – and has been a perfect place to convalesce.

guest house hallway penang

Hallway at Old Penang Guesthouse.

Yoga Is As Yoga Does

Unexpectedly, I taught yoga today.

Su, who runs Sunalini Yoga where we both practiced yesterday, invited me to lead a small group of students today. How could I pass up the opportunity? I love to teach. Also, I haven’t taught yet in Malaysia, and this makes the second country I have taught yoga in this year that I have never been to before.

I taught a version of the arm balance and inversions workshop I am putting together for my upcoming tour, and it was great to have a small, dedicated group of students to test it out on. Today was the first time I have taught in an Iyengar studio. The yoga I teach is very much rooted in Mr. Iyengar’s tradition, but I weave Tantric philosophy into my classes, and my teaching is also influenced by many other schools of yoga.

If was fun to bring them something a bit different than they are used to, and they were really open to the experience. Thanks Su!


We have been getting a lot of work accomplished while we have been recovering from our colds in George Town, and this afternoon was no different. I worked on workshops, while Jane did some more work on updating my yoga website.

We then spent some time trying to figure out our route down to Kuala Lumpur, on to Jakarta, and beyond, all the way down to Bali. We haven’t come close to figuring it all out yet, but we are getting there.

Jane then went out and got a haircut – something I will hopefully do tomorrow.

Jane’s note: I also got a new mirror for my helmet, to replace the one I lost in Cambodia. If you need a bike shop in Penang, there are two decent ones along Lebuh Carnarvon near where it crosses Lebuh Melayu. One stocks Trek bikes, one stocks Topeak stuff, and they both have a ton of accessories.

I am feeling a bit like a bad tourist. All this being sick and having actual work to do, means I really haven’t seen much of Penang. I have basically spent my entire time within the confines of the old city, George Town.

waste not want not sign lilys restaurant

Sign at Lily’s. My grandmother always used to say this. Is it a Chinese saying?

Seriously, tomorrow I need to pick my nose up off the grindstone and see a little of what the island has to offer.  

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  1. Comment by Taina

    Taina May 26, 2014 at 4:54 am

    Shout out to our hood. Nice!

    • Comment by Stephen

      Stephen May 28, 2014 at 7:14 pm

      Leslieville represent!

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