Bikes ‘n’ Bites

By Stephen Ewashkiw | September 12, 2013

6447 km so far.

We had a list of things we needed to take care of today before the weekend began. Jane is heading out on a solo bike trip, because a bunch of my friends are flying to Berlin on Friday for a bachelor party.

After a busy morning of nothing in particular, which included route planning for Jane, making sure electronic devices were powered, and consuming coffee, we headed over to the bike shop to pick up our bikes. They weren’t finished with them yet, because the shop had ordered the wrong cassettes, but Jane needed her ride.

When we got to the shop they were very slow to help us out, and then when they did help us they couldn’t find our paperwork. The guy helping us looked all over the place for about 15 minutes. Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much, but I had more things on my to do list.

I had to get to a yoga class, which I was teaching, and so the delay was slightly annoying.

Finally, he found our paperwork, figured out how much we owed (which was a lot!), and we settled up and got on our way. It would be nice if we didn’t have to go back next week, but hopefully Jane’s bike is in good enough shape to handle her short weekend trip.

English Yoga Berlin was hosting me today, and Pedro was there to help me find my way around the space.

living wall berlin

The view from English Yoga Berlin.

The group is a collective of English-speaking yoga teachers in Berlin, and they come together to help the community grow. We had a small group for class, which I love, because we are able to work on individual refinements. The class had a really nice vibe, like a group of friends practicing together.

Veggie v Vegan

After class we met up with Jesse at Café V, a vegetarian restaurant near the studio that one of my LA students recommended. Thanks Gladys.

We had a nice meal, although I was jealous of Jesse’s vegetarian meal. His breaded seitan cutlets with mushroom cream sauce would have been easy enough for the cafe to make vegan, but they hadn’t, and so I didn’t have it. I will never understand why vegetarian restaurants do this. Just tweak the menu a bit so you have more vegan options. Vegetarians won’t mind a little less cream and vegans will love it.

We dropped Jane off at home so she could pack for her trip, and Jesse and I went to a local cocktail bar. They made us a fantastic gin and tonic with Fever Tree tonic and a herbalicious German small-batch gin. A nice, simple gin and tonic made with high quality ingredients is perfection.

It also seemed a good way to fortify my liver for the British bachelor party which was about to unleash itself upon us.  

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  1. Comment by Charlie

    Charlie September 17, 2013 at 4:23 am

    “but hopefully Jane’s bike is in good enough shape to handle her short weekend trip.”

    ohhhhh :-(

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