Cabin Fever

By Stephen Ewashkiw | October 6, 2013

We arrived in Berlin more than one month ago, and soon, very soon, we will leave for China. This is the longest we have been stationary since March. The weather in Berlin is getting colder, the days are growing darker. Our To Do list is slowly getting shorter, which means we have been staying in a lot, organising different aspects of our trip.

It’s driving me crazy.

I want to be out, on my bike, exploring. I want to not know where I will be tomorrow, what I will see or do. I know this will be the case soon enough, but I am feeling claustrophobic, penned in, stir crazy.

One Space Or Another

Jane and I got out of the house for a bit this morning. We walked over to Viasko, a vegan restaurant we went to a few weeks ago when Dominic was visiting. Finally, we made it to one of Europe’s famed brunches, and a vegan one at that. It is so nice to be in a restaurant where we can eat everything on the menu, or on the buffet as was the case today.

The buffet had a huge selection of vegan delights. Pancakes, salads, Asian tempeh and cabbage, breaded seitan and potatoes, lasagne, falafel, tempeh broccoli, pizza, several desserts, and much more. I thought everything (apart from the lasagne) was delicious.

The restaurant was, unfortunately, packed. Weekend brunch is a big deal in most parts of Europe, and it seemed everyone and their dog was in the restaurant today. And I mean the dog part literally. There were two dogs (with their owners) in the restaurant. I will never understand why people think it is OK to bring their pets into a restaurant, and I will also never understand why the health inspectors think it is OK too.

We even saw one dog owner take a fork full of food, feed it to her dog, and then merrily go back to finishing her brunch with the same fork. Presumably, her dog went back to licking its own ass, which said dog-feeder had, essentially, also just taken part in, albeit one step removed. Yeah, gross.

I guess it is all good practice for China, where the Western sense of food hygiene will disappear and I will have to get used to a whole new set of rules.

Space Is The Place

We went to see Gravity in the evening, the Cuarón-directed movie starring Sandra Bullock. For years I have been telling people that she is a fantastic actress, but my “serious arty” film friends have always guffawed.

Finally, it seems, the world is taking notice.

Jane’s note: Good, now maybe people won’t laugh when I say how much I loved Miss Congeniality.

The journey her character takes in the movie is a lot like yoga. It presents her with questions, the unknown, and allows her to discover the resources that she carries within herself.

Like her character, I have a whole check list of things I need to go through before I can put my feet on the ground and get moving. Like her character I also am torn between the safety of being tied to one place, and enormity of being free.

Give Me Space, Man

I know that it may seem crazy that I am longing for more space while planning to go to China. The two don’t seem to be compatible. But, the sense of freedom that not being tied to one place brings, while it can be overwhelming, is also something that drives me. Sure, there will be millions upon millions of people most places we go, but we won’t be stuck in one place and we will be free to do as we choose.  

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