Dang I’m Gonna Miss LA: Food Edition

By Jane Mountain | March 17, 2013

Fruits and Veggies

As time flies swiftly towards our departure date (slow down, dammit!) we are experience many last times. This is the last time I’ll see you. This is the last time I’ll take this yoga class. This is the last time I’ll be stuck in freakin’ traffic on the freakin’ 10 freeway…

Of all these lasts, the food-related ones are the hardest to stomach.

As soon as I take the first bite of whatever dubious concoction the airline serves us, the memories of these foods will come flooding in.

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[li]Soul Bowl and Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’
LA is full of great vegan restaurants. Sage Vegan Bistro and Veggie Grill are our regular haunts. Sage’s Soul Bowl and Veggie Grill’s Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ will dance in my dreams long after we leave.[/li]

[li]Organic veggie delivery from Farm Fresh To You
If you’ve always wondered if you should try one of those farm-delivered veggie box services, you should. It’s the best thing ever! Stop reading this post and go sign up.[/li]

[li]A multitude of oils
Right now, we have 3 kinds of olive oil, 2 kinds of grape seed, canola oil, coconut oil, and some truffle oil. I use them for baking, cooking, salad dressing, popcorn, and moisturizer. Grape seed oil is great on your face. We are going to some of the best oil-producing regions in the world, but we probably won’t carry 8 bottles of oil on our bikes.[/li]

[li]Pink Hawaiian sea salt and fresh ground pepper
A little coarse sea salt and fresh pepper make everything taste so much better. Actually, I might bring along a jar of salt and a pepper grinder.[/li]

[li]Tempeh, tofu, Gardein, and seitan
I have no idea how to say seitan in Polish, and even if I learn, I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing many meat substitutes on our trip. I anticipate being very sick of almonds and walnuts very soon.[/li]

[li]Burritos, tacos, and fresh chips with salsa
Though there are a few good vegan taco options in LA, the Mexican food I’ll miss most is homemade. In our neighborhood, Mexican raw ingredients – like fresh tortillas and salsas – are plentiful and delicious. In Europe, not so much.[/li]

[li]Homemade granola
Delicious breakfast food is a North American thing. Sure, you can get pannekoek in Holland and a fry up in England, but almost everywhere else, you’re out of luck. The best you can hope for is a sweet cookie from a bag (Italy), some cucumbers, tomatoes, and salty cheese (Jordan), bean soup (Egypt), hot beef stock with noodles (Vietnam), or a giant bowl of milky coffee and a lump of stale bread (France). Yup, I will miss our homemade granola![/li]

[li]Nut butters
Why doesn’t the rest of the world understand peanut butter? Or almond butter? Or cashew butter? Because they don’t understand breakfast, that’s why! Nut butters are a vegan’s go-to protein and calorie source when nothing else is available. And when nut butters aren’t available, what will we eat?[/li]

I could have lumped Cholula in with Mexican food, but it’s so wondrous it deserves its own bullet point. Cholula is mildly spicy and deeply flavorful. Any bland dish is instantly fixed with Cholula. Yup, we’re totally bringing a bottle with us.  [/li]

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  1. Comment by ann

    ann Reply March 17, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    before we left london we went around all our favourite eating places (won kei, maison bertaux …). before we left brisbane we went around all our favourite eating places (kim thanh, maha latchmi …). i totally get what you are going through.

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