Dang, I’m Gonna Miss LA

By Jane Mountain | March 1, 2013

When we left London 7 years ago, I was sooo over it. The rain, the pubs, the tube, the fashionistas with no fashion sense, the downtrodden masses… ugh. We moved to LA for the sunny optimism and fake happiness everyone displays here.

We thought we’d stay here for a year, tops. But our love affair with Los Angeles never grew stale.

Here are a few things I’m already starting to miss.

[list type=”arrow”]
[li]Sitting on our deck, listening to the birds and the noises of the city all around[/li]
[li]Yoga at the Raven, where just walking in the door makes me feel calm and contented[/li]
[li]Zoning out in front of the TV[/li]
[li]My yoga teachers, especially Noah Maze, Tony Giuliano, and Hagar Harpak[/li]
[li]Beach ultimate frisbee and all the crazy people who play it[/li]
[li]Movie date nights at The Arclight Hollywood[/li]
[li]Weekend road trips to Joshua Tree National Park[/li]
[li]Sun, sun, and more sun[/li]
[li]The wild black kitties who call our yard home[/li]
[li]Going for long walks on paper streets[/li]
[li]Crawling into our freshly made bed at the end of a long day[/li]

Sigh. Leaving is hard when you love a place and the people in it.

Hi, I’m Jane, founder and chief blogger on My Five Acres. I’ve lived in six countries and have camped, biked, trekked, kayaked, and explored in 50! At My Five Acres, our mission is to inspire you to live your most adventurous life and help you to travel more and more mindfully.

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  1. Comment by Julie

    Julie Reply March 17, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    LA (or at least this person in it) is going to miss you so much too… :(. But I’m looking forward to Livi g vicariously through your adventures; on this blog and over a good beer some day, somewhere, soon.

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