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By Stephen Ewashkiw | September 20, 2013

We spent almost three hours today practicing yoga. Todd Tesen, a yoga teacher from the US, formerly of Los Angeles, is in town. He’s teaching a few workshops at YogaCircle while we are here. We’ve both practiced with him before, and were looking forward to being in the room with him again, practicing in Berlin, in a space I had taught in just a few days earlier.

The type of student that comes to a Friday afternoon 2.5 hr workshop with a visiting teacher turns out to be the same in Berlin as in LA. The group was a dedicated group of yogis, several teachers, and even a few who I already knew from all the Berlin yoga I have done.

Todd was on fire, I think partly from the puja they had done the night before which included painting this Shri Yantra on the studio wall:

He was clearly enjoying the work of taking us into the poses and into our minds. He added Drishti focus to class, which was a great reminder how powerful this work can be. I was incredibly connected, even reconnected, to my own responsibilities and possibilities as a student.

We held poses for lengths I haven’t pushed myself to since we left home. It felt incredible to find myself so connected to each pose. Thanks Todd.

On the way home, we stopped at Stadler, the biggest bike shop we’ve ever seen.

We didn’t really need anything, besides a couple of tubes and a patch kit, but it was fun to browse and exciting to see so much gear available in one space.  


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