Down For The Count

By Jane Mountain | November 30, 2013

It’s been years since a cold has laid me out quite so completely. In LA, colds usually lasted about 24 hours. I’d feel one coming on, take the day off to lie out in the sun, and then the next day, it would be gone. Perhaps if I could have had a restful sunny LA day a few days ago, all would be well now.

As it is, the sickness is seeping deep into my bones, and in a strange way, it is making me nostalgic for my London life. There I frequently burned the candle at both ends and often in the middle too, only to pay the price by contracting a killer cold that seemed to last all winter.

Flora, our roommate's dog, looking adorably innocent.

Flora, our roommate’s dog, looking adorably innocent.

In Shanghai, I am blaming the smog for Cold, The Super-Extended Remix. I keep thinking I should open the window to let some fresh air in, only to remember that there’s no fresh out there.

Stephen has been suffering beside me at night, my coughing, wheezing, tossing, turning, and sneezing interfering with his much needed rest. So far, he has managed to stay healthy, which is good, because his teaching schedule does not allow for time to be sick.

Stephen says:

Jane is sick. Properly sick. Neither of us has slept a proper sleep for at least three nights. She barely left the bedroom today. Thankfully we are staying at Heather’s so the bed is not a Chinese hotel bed, which means it is not a hard as the floor. This makes staying in it at least somewhat bearable. Also, it’s quite cold out so she isn’t missing much.

Meet Flora

We have a constant companion in our current home: Flora.

Flora, our roommate's dog, and her favourite toy, Ball.

Flora, our roommate’s dog, and her favourite toy, Ball.

Flora is our temporary roommates’ dog. Lisa used to see Flora as she walked to work every day, neglected, tied up outside, and often left there for days while her owner was away. Lisa eventually asked the owner if she could look after Flora and began to visit her, clean her, feed her, and one day the owner just told Lisa to take the dog home.

Flora is rambunctious – she’s about two years old, still a puppy, and still acts like it. But because she is a golden lab she is huge, strong, and not aware that she can knock you over or scratch you with her claws.

Flora, our roommate's dog, playing her favourite game, tug the ball.

Flora, our roommate’s dog, playing her favourite game, tug the ball.

She barks a lot if you shut the bedroom door, but if you don’t she wants to jump all over Jane, who is trying to sleep in the bed. We have been working to teach her to calm down and sleep just outside the open bedroom door.

Today at lunch Flora and I went for a run. We are staying in a large complex of high rises right in the heart of the French Concession (central Shanghai) and they have several gardens where I am able to take her for a walk. There are also quite a few stray cats, so we had fun chasing them, running around the buildings, and enjoying the sunshine.

It was really nice to be able to go out for a run, and I could tell Flora was glad to be out of the house for a while. We must seem pretty boring to her when we’re just sitting around, eating, reading, and sleeping.  

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