Ducks ‘n’ Donuts

By Stephen Ewashkiw | September 9, 2013

6447 km so far.

Slept in, which is a luxury I am really enjoying and could definitely get used to. Not waking up when the sun comes blasting into the tent is a tangible benefit of sleeping indoors. And Jesse’s bed is so much more comfortable than our deflating sleeping pads.

When we are in Asia we may not even use our tent, so maybe I will come to miss it, but not just yet.

The weather was really unpleasant today. We had plans to go visit an abandoned amusement park, Spreepark, but it was raining, blustery, and downright cold. There was no way we were about to wander through the old park, no matter how cool it looks, in this weather.

So we met up with Dominic, and spent our time in town instead. We walked around a lot, looking at buildings, and waiting for Jane to take pictures of them.

architecture in berlin

Look at that symmetry!

We made some food stops along the way, checking out Dolores, a “California gourmet” burrito place. They actually had three vegan options, and made burritos which were probably the best I have had, which I didn’t make, since leaving LA.

stephen in a cafe in berlin

Hanging out in a cafe, where they didn’t have Berliners.

We spent the afternoon searching for Berliners (the donut kind, which is actually called a Pfannkuchen here), which we sadly ended up buying at Dunkin’ Donuts. They seem to have bought out several smaller local bakeries.

alexanderplatz station berlin

The iconic Alexanderplatz station, Berlin.

D has a thing for eating foods in the place they are named for. I guess he’s probably had a few frankfurters since moving to Frankfurt. Today he achieved his Berliner dream.

man eating a berliner donut in berlin

Arrrr, I will eat you! Every last bite.

We’ve promised him that we’ll search out (Mock) Peking Duck as soon as we get to Peking (Beijing).

If we get there, that is.

We are still unravelling the visa conundrum, so stay tuned.  

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