Feeding The Machine

By Jane Mountain | January 2, 2014

Despite our feeble efforts to get out early today, we ended up staying in and working for hours. I have felt drowned by work ever since we got to Hong Kong, which is a ridiculous way for someone with no job to feel. So, though it’s a little lame to stay in when we’re in such an amazing city, it felt great to get some blogs posted to feed the howling masses (that’s you guys).



Got To Bag It Up

Around 2:30 we finally made our move and got out of the house. We started our day with a superb lunch at Mana followed by coffee and a bit more work at Hazel & Hershey.

We are slowly finding places that would become our regular haunts if we were to live here. It’s a good thing we’re not staying though, because we’d need a big regular pay check to afford these hangouts. Food here is tasty, but even the casual places we prefer put a hefty dent in the budget.

Pot shelf at Hazel & Hershey, Hong Kong.

Pot shelf at Hazel & Hershey, Hong Kong.

We dropped by a couple of more bike shops to look for replacement panniers, but had no luck. Even in the US, we had to special order our bags. I guess the only place in the world you can just drop in and pick up a pannier is Germany (and maybe Denmark, too). I think we’ll have to make do with some cobbled-together bag system, at least for the time being. Bike enthusiasts stay tuned!

Window on the world.

Window on the world.

I Like The Way You Work It

After all that, it was time for yoga. Stephen’s lululemon community class tour continues, and tonight’s class was at the Causeway Bay showroom.

My body has been in desperate need of a few (dozen) down dogs, since all this hill walking has resulted in severely constricted calves. I was so happy to have an uninterrupted hour on the mat. The room seemed to be full of people from Vancouver and California and Stephen had a good time talking in his West Coast accent, cracking jokes, and swearing a little more than usual.

Getting ready for Navasana at lululemon in Causeway Bay.

Getting ready for Navasana at lululemon in Causeway Bay.

After class, as we were walking to the tram, I finally saw some things I recognised from my last trip to Hong Kong.

Crowds in Causeway Bay.

Crowds in Causeway Bay.

We walked by the hotel where my mom, my sister, and I stayed. In light of the kinds of places we’ve been staying on this trip, it looked incredibly hoity-toity.

No Diggity

Scanning Facebook tonight, I came across the Grateful Photo Project. I am a firm believer in making your own happiness, after discovering over the last couple of years that I could get over almost any bad mood just by noticing all the great things and people around me.

The idea of the project is to take a photo each day of something you’re grateful for. It could be something simple, like chocolate, or something momentous, like your child. We’ll be adding a grateful photo to the blog for the next 365 days.

If you need a little extra happiness in your life (who doesn’t?), why don’t you try it too?  

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