Finally, A Real Day Of Rest

By Jane Mountain | June 11, 2013

Still 2802 km so far.

Ahhh, a day off! While we didn’t exactly do nothing, we didn’t do much either. First we got new haircuts at Trendy Hair Fashion. We think they did a great job, and it cost the equivalent of $30 – for two of us.

new haircut poland

Grin tin tin.

woman doing a cheesy pose

80s grad photo style.

Then we sat in a tourist cafe where I drank a cup of traditional hot chocolate and we wrote. We stopped by Green Way for another great vegan fast lunch. It was good but it made us miss Veggie Grill desperately. The we chilled at the flat for a while.

Meanwhile, Stephen’s parents have been diligently soaking in the history and culture Krakow has to offer. Our paths have crossed a few times today!

Yo Yo Yoga

Finally, Stephen taught yoga to a lovely group of students at Yoga International Poland. Kasia, the studio owner, offered Stephen her regular Wednesday evening class to teach. A fantastic group of students came out, despite the rain and despite a substitute teacher they didn’t know leading the class.

Almost the entire group spoke excellent English so Stephen was able to be himself more than when every sentence needs to be translated into the local language. They also obviously had an excellent teacher in Kasia, which showed in their focus in class, and their openness to new ideas and a new teacher.

urdvha danurasana yoga in poland

Urdvha under the arch.

We had drinks and deep conversation with Kasia afterwards, talking about philosophy, yoga, politics, and the trials of life in general. It’s always a privilege and a joy to spend time with local people and discover that, once again, no matter where we grew up, what our parents were like, how our governments treated us, we are all the same.

Route Masters

We mentioned a few days ago that we’d had a major trip-planning session the other day, figuring out our route all the way to Berlin in mid-September. The plan looks something like this:

Until June 24, we’ll be in and around Krakow and Gorlice, hangin’ with Stephen’s parents and soaking up the Ewashkiw heritage. After that, we’ll likely have a couple more days in Krakow, waiting for our Russian visas. They are supposed to be ready by the 26th. We shall see.

Then we head north, maybe stopping by Lublin, Bialystock, and the Mazury (the Polish lake district). Will we have time for a multi-day kayak trip there? Maybe.

After Poland, we plan to zip through the triple threat of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Our Russian visa will be valid from August 14, so on or after that date, we plan on entering Russia at Narva, and riding the two or three days into St. Petersburg. This may involve a train when we get close to the city, depending on how we find the roads and the famously crazy Russian drivers.

From there, the plan starts to get a little hazy. We will spend some time in St. Petersburg, since we are lucky enough to (possibly) have free accommodation. Then, in all likelihood, our public transport odyssey begins.

Train to Helsinki? From there, ferry to Stockholm? And another train to Malmo, where we’ll visit with friends we’ve known since our London days. Back on our bikes to cross the bridge to Copenhagen, cycling capital of the world. And from there, some combination of train, ferries, and pedal power will take us to Berlin, where we’ll visit another old friend, who has kindly offered to put us up in his flat for “as long as we’d like”. Since he has made ample use of our various homes in LA (as a welcome guest), we feel quite open to taking up this challenge.

And then… somehow, somehow, we’ll get from Berlin to South East Asia. In my mind, this involves our wheels rolling through Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, parts of Romania, Turkey, Iran, and China, but we shall see. Perhaps it will involve a large aircraft instead.  

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  1. Comment by Agata

    Agata June 12, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    OMG, Green Way is one of the worst places to eat out town. Next time please check out Karma, Pod Norenami or Momo :)

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane June 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm

      Hi Agata,
      We did go to Karma (several times) and Momo. Sadly, Karma’s food was mostly egg-based, and we don’t really eat eggs, though we did love their coffee. We liked Momo, but didn’t love it. Green Way is not great, you’re right, but it had the convenience factor.

      Thanks for the tip on Pod Norenami. We hadn’t heard of it, but will check it out when we get back to Krakow!

  2. Comment by Cassie Van Gelder

    Cassie Van Gelder June 12, 2013 at 9:05 am

    Sweet new ‘dos! ;-)

  3. Comment by Michael Moldofsky

    Michael Moldofsky June 12, 2013 at 8:05 am

    yeah for SE Asia… steal some good trip ideas from here:

    i do hope i’ll see you in Cambodia in Janurary when i’m there… but if not I will set some stuff up for you…

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane June 15, 2013 at 12:01 am

      When will you be there exactly? Beginning or end of January? We want to get to SE Asia by early next year, and obviously it’ll be best if we’re in Cambodia at the same time! I’ve been looking at Spice Roads – very tempted by their Myanmar itinerary and trying to figure out if we can do it independently.

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