Goodbye Shanghai

By Jane Mountain | December 22, 2013

Tomorrow we leave the city that we’ve been calling home for the last month, so today was all about saying goodbye to Shanghai.

We spent most of the day hanging out and chatting with some of our new friends. It’s always fun to meet interesting and inquisitive people, who we can talk to for hours without noticing the time pass.

Of course, we also managed to stuff our faces with some of the many goodies on offer in Shanghai. We drank speciality coffees at Cafe del Volcan, ate chocolate chocolate chip cookies made by Strictly Cookies, and had dinner at Chakra, a veggie restaurant we hadn’t checked out yet. The portions were small but the food was tasty. Also, even though they bill themselves as a vegan restaurant, their menu is filled with eggs, cheese, and dairy.

Read this entertaining review of Chakra Vegan Cafe to find out more.

Which Way Delaunay?

All month, we’ve been trying to find the street where my family had lived in the 30s and 40s. Since it was in the French Concession, the former French name, Route Delaunay, no longer applies. So far, we haven’t been able to dig up the current street name or the location on any of the old French maps. Today we stopped in at a bookshop specialising in books about Shanghai to see what we could find.

We found mention of Route Delaunay in a book listing all of the streets of the French Concession, and managed to find out the Chinese name of the street, which is Yongchang Lu. But, just like Delaunay doesn’t seem to be on any old maps, Yongchang Lu doesn’t seem to be on any new ones, so we are still none the wiser.

Stephen’s note: This has really frustrated me. I pride myself on my ability to source anything on the internet, no matter how hidden. We came close a couple of times, and may have found the GPS coordinates for the street, but then stumbled upon a map at the Propaganda Poster Art Centre that gave a different name for that same street.

Our final stop of the day was a return to Boxing Cat Brewery, which has become our favourite LA style bar in Shanghai. The atmosphere always reminds me of Mohawk Bend, where we passed many an evening eating and drinking. We decided, after our rather small dinner at Chakra, that it was necessary to drink beer and re-sample the amazing Boxing Cat onion rings before leaving Shanghai.

That being done, we felt we’d said a proper farewell. Now all that’s left to do is get on the train.  

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