Half A Year and Half A World Away

By Stephen Ewashkiw | September 26, 2013

It is six months since spring was springing and we arrived in Rome to begin our journey. We have travelled almost 7,000 km through 15 countries to end up here, in Berlin, as winter creeps into the city.

We hope to find out in the next 24 hours if we have passed the next hurdle, getting our Chinese visas. If this goes according to plan we are looking at easily more than 7,000 km in the next six months. Even though we are only planning on visiting the central- and south-east areas, the distances in China are vast. It’s often 1,500 km from one major site or city to the next. That is a lot of cycling.

We reserve the right to take trains when it makes sense.

We’ve Got Spirit

We both loved Jelene’s class last week at SpiritYoga, so went again today.

Jelene has a way of leading the group that is very clear, and her students respond really well to her. Well, most of them.

Jane and I don’t speak German so we miss a lot of the instruction. Jelene sometimes had to repeat in English for us. We did a flow class ending in Ashta Vakrasana, which is an arm balance I love. Usually I am teaching it rather than receiving it, so it was a nice gift at the end of the sequence.

spirit yoga berlin

A little twist in a gorgeous studio, SpiritYoga.

When you don’t understand the instruction, you end up listening more to the teacher in your head. I found myself really focussing on my legs in standing poses today. I think I am sensing the muscle atrophy starting to kick in from not cycling every day.

Best Cake In Berlin

Jane and I cycled to the studio today. This meant we were able to do a little exploring after class.

We went to a street market for lunch, getting a delicious plate of homemade spaghetti from this guy:

Pasta man at a street market, Mitte, Berlin.

Pasta man at a street market, Mitte, Berlin.

Then it was over to Museum Island, but without going into the museums, all we were doing was looking at some big not-as-old-as-they-look buildings.

The museums of Museum Island, Berlin.

The museums of Museum Island, Berlin.

They do make an impressive spectacle rising in a solid mass out of the river, but the construction sight surrounding them does nothing to enhance their majesty.

All of Europe is under construction, including Museum Island, Berlin.

All of Europe is under construction, including Museum Island, Berlin.

We have been wanting to go to a vegetarian restaurant called Vaust, which a friend of Jesse’s recommended. Tonight we finally got there. Out of all of the no-meat restaurants we have been to in Berlin (maybe in Europe) so far, this was the best. It is a small restaurant, with a small menu, but everything was homemade and delicious. They even brew their own beer, which was moreish, and make their own schnapps in heady flavours such as rhubarb, lavender, and pomegranate.

I had an incredible vegan dark chocolate cake, with a half-inch layer of smooth creamy icing, which was the perfect end to a scrumptious meal.  

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