Headlights In The Rain

By Stephen Ewashkiw | June 28, 2013

3193 km so far.

Today’s weather was another one of those days you love as a cyclist, but would loathe as a ‘normal’ tourist. It was overcast, unseasonably cool, and light rain fell for half the day, on and off as it pleased. This meant I didn’t have to change clothes once, and when the rain did fall, it quickly dried again. I didn’t get too cold and I didn’t get too hot.

Random picture of Stephen sleeping in a bed that's two sizes too small.

Random picture of Stephen sleeping in a bed that’s two sizes too small.

We found a small, well paved road that allowed us to skip Kock today (no, it’s not pronounced how it looks, but it’s not very far from Brest). This cut a short distance off our ride, but more importantly took us off the main route. Not only did we get to ride through the small towns, we also avoided the bulk of the traffic.

Lovely little cottage in some Polish village.

Lovely little cottage in some Polish village.

Often it was just the two of us and a smooth paved road.

Graduation Day

Every town we rode through today had one thing in common. The school’s parking lot was overflowing and there were youth all around dressed in their Sunday best. This being the end if June, it quickly dawned on me that today is graduation day. They weren’t just celebrating a transition from primary to secondary, but every grade seemed to be celebrating. Every town was, I assume, busier than it would normally be on a Friday morning, with parents, grandparents, and children all over the place.

We are on a swift march north, headed towards the Polish Lake District (aka Kraina Wielkich Jezior Mazurskich). Everywhere we stop between Kraków and there is really just a way point. Today’s way point is the town of Siedlce. Don’t even ask me how to pronounce that.

Since school is out for summer, we found accommodation in the university dorms, and wow, student dorms have changed since I went to school. I know that in Canada many schools now have condo-style housing, but I was surprised to find modern, kitchen-equipped, private-bathroomed accommodation here in Siedlce.

church in poland

They have Atlas in Siedlce.

This means another home-cooked dinner, our fourth in a row since we left Kraków. The rooms also have great flooring that is perfect to practice yoga on, so I am planning to get up at 6am and get an hour of yoga in before Jane gets up.

Thanks Siedlce University!

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  1. Comment by Michael Moldofsky

    Michael Moldofsky July 4, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Hmmm. I can see why Stephen would skip Kock

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane July 5, 2013 at 10:15 am

      Someone had to say it. :)

  2. Comment by Rusty

    Rusty June 30, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Glad you guys are still having fun. Life on the road, you’ve inspired me. Leaving tues for 5 weeks of meandering. Post more photos of food pls. Stephens legs look like they’re really huge! Cool cool.

    • Comment by Stephen

      Stephen June 30, 2013 at 9:33 am

      Very exciting. Will you blog so we can keep up on your trip? Would be great if you did. Where are you heading this time? Come to the Baltics – that’s where we will be the next few weeks…

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