Korcula Island End to End

By Jane Mountain | April 14, 2013

Croatia is a paradise so far.

We’ve had perfect weather, smooth roads, outstanding fresh-baked breads, and good company.

This morning we woke, a little exhausted truth be told, since Stephen had a weird pillow (it was like 7 inches thick on one side) and had tossed and turned all night. Combining that with my cough and now full-blown cold, our rest was not the most satisfying. Which was why it was lovely to get up to an unmarred blue sky and shorts weather first thing.

We had a “family” breakfast in the kitchen with David and Collette and then we all got packed up and hefted our bags downstairs. We left a few minutes before the other two and stopped to buy fresh bread from the local bakery before mentally preparing to climb. Thanks to Ride with GPS, we knew it was going to be a 1200 ft sort of day.

And it was. Up up up we went, thinking after every leg-burning hill, “that must be the last of it”. We were wrong so many times, I finally resigned myself to going uphill for the rest of my life. The only thing that saved us was the beauty of the landscape as we slowly rolled by. Every spare corner was given over to vineyards and small stone houses dotted the landscape. Beyond the greenery of the island we could see deep blue sea and pale blue sky.


stone church in countryside croatia

Everywhere we looked, the view took our breath away.

The road was great, in a perfect state of repair, with none of the jarring potholes, cracks, and pits we encountered almost everywhere in Italy. There was also a distinct lack of traffic, making it seem at times like we were the only people on the island.

Finally, after brutalising our legs for 30 km or so, we hit the downhill. It was long, twisty, and mostly on the side of a steep cliff; thrilling and terrifying at the same time. I took it a little faster than I normally would, so glad was I to not be going uphill anymore. I am hoping we can find a satisfactory ferry off this end of the island, because I really don’t fancy riding that hill again.

David and Collette are going back tomorrow, and have vowed to try and find a bus or some other form of transport so they don’t have to heave themselves back up again.

It is worth the effort to have gotten here though, since the town has a combination of stunning views, a spectacular old city, and friendly locals.

harbor in korcula croatia

Another killer view.

Collette is the organising queen, so she had already sorted a guest house in Korcula Town for their stay. We decided to wait until we got to town and see how we felt, thinking that free camping might be on the menu. But, the hills, the wind, and the lack of sleep have gotten the better of us and we decided to ride on Collette’s organisational coattails and grab a second room in the guesthouse they’d chosen. Wise move, as the view is spectacular and we are pretty much done in.  


  1. Comment by Rachael

    Rachael April 15, 2013 at 2:45 am

    Wow, well done! That is one feat cycling across Korcula Island. We’ve talked about the possibility of doing it but have (and will continue to) wimp out! Loved your slideshow photos, beautiful. And glad you are enjoying Croatia so far. Looking forward to reading more of your cycling adventures.

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane April 19, 2013 at 11:51 am

      Hi Rachael, you should definitely bike the island. Without huge bags on your bikes it would be much easier. Then again, driving is even easier! Wish we’d seen your website before we got to the island.

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