Lazy Day In Tuja

By Jane Mountain | July 21, 2013

4359 km so far.

Remember how yesterday Stephen said that cities are so exhausting that we need a rest in the country just to recover? Well, this morning when I woke up, after having slept 10 hours, I really didn’t feel like biking anywhere. Plus, it was damp and miserable outside, with no signs of clearing. So, after we discovered that we have internet access at the campground, we decided to stay put.

Beach Combers

We made tea and coffee and then went for a walk along the beach. It was cold but beautiful. The beach here is similar to the beaches in British Columbia: a little wild, with pieces of driftwood lining the shore, seaweed, and a slightly coarse, dark sand. None of this white flour-like stuff we’ve been seeing to the south. I prefer these wild beaches, where the awesome power of the sea makes its presence known.

The Baltic Sea from our campground in Tuja.

The Baltic Sea from our campground in Tuja.

The power of humans was in play this morning, too; we saw about a dozen beer cans strewn about the beach. The campground we are in was full of teenagers and twenty-somethings last night, so we can only surmise that they fully intended to pick up their beer cans last night, but were too wasted on light beer to remember.

On our way back to camp we spent a few minutes cleaning the beach, making it a little more beautiful for the next guests (and earning a few karma points for ourselves).

Eat, Sleep, & TV

The rest of the day has been a haze of work and play. We spent a long time just lying around in our tent, to keep ourselves warm.

view from tent in tuja latvia

Our view for much of the day in Tuja.

OK, and to watch two more episodes of Homeland. The twists and turns of that show are addictive. I left the tent to make soup for lunch, but was soon driven back inside by a sideways sleety rain, so we had our usual sandwiches and chips instead.

We took a nap, of course, and posted a few things to our site.

Today's office, in Tuja.

Today’s office, in Tuja.

For dinner, Stephen made a hearty soup using a packaged soup we bought back in Croatia, and adding rice, lentils, and lots of veggies.

Pre-dinner yoga. Time flies when you're in Virabadrasana 2.

Pre-dinner yoga. Time flies when you’re in Virabadrasana 2.

It was delicious, but there wasn’t enough. So after dinner we polished off the four mini pastries we’d bought earlier. They were supposed to be for breakfast. Then we ate a bunch of cookies and some chocolate as well.

Even when they’re on a day off, it’s impossible to satiate a cycle tourist.  

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