Let The Battle Commence

By Jane Mountain | September 21, 2013

We have a long list of things to do while visiting Berlin, but we’ve been very bad about getting anything done.

Today I had high hopes for getting few things crossed off, however…

The sun was shining for the first time in a week, and I had that “better get out now, this may be the last sun you see all winter” feeling that is so familiar to people who’ve lived in Vancouver and London. I HATE that feeling. One more reason why we could never live in Europe.

We went for a little walk around Templehof Airport, the airfield of which is now a gigantic park.

runway at templehof airport berlin

Plane on the runway at Templehof.

Soft Swords

When we entered the park, the first thing we saw were some people off in the distance, sword fighting. No, that can’t be right. I’ve been reading too much Game of Thrones. Wait.

Yes, I think they are definitely sword fighting.

As we approached, we realised there was some kind of tournament going on, in which teams would enter a melee, and then have to drop a random piece of styrofoam into an old tire for a point. They were fighting with padded clubs and the soft version of a flail.

Incidentally, I have just discovered that you can buy all kinds of medieval weapons online. Interesting.

jugger player berlin

Watch out for that flail, Jugger tourney at Templehof.

This crazy sport is called Jugger, and it is big in Germany and Australia. It’s hard enough to explain Ultimate Frisbee to people, I can’t even imagine where you’d begin with this game.

After being thoroughly perplexed by Jugger, we continued through Templehof. We couldn’t resist throwing a few shapes on this barrier next to the disused landing strip.

woman doing yoga pose berlin templehof

Anjaneyasana on the tarmac.

Hard Moves

Hearing some hip hop coming from the other side of the park, we naturally headed in that direction. The music seemed strangely out of place amidst the families cycling, roller blading, and kite-flying in the park.

Hearing some f-bombs come wafting out of the speakers, Stephen remarked, “There is nothing that could be happening over there that this music could possibly be appropriate for.”

“Except a b-boy battle,” I remarked.

Sure enough, a hip hop dance competition was just getting underway. There were dancers from France, Poland, the US, Germany, and elsewhere. There was also a huge range of styles, including break, popping and locking, krump, vogueing, and, weirdly, even a little waacking.

So that was our day done for.

What list of things to do? Who could not stay and watch this for hours?

We finally pulled ourselves away from the dancing and headed home, seeing a few more Berlin sights along the way.

man on railroad tracks berlin

Helpless maiden on the tracks, Templehof.

Our short walk had taken all day.  

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