Our 12 Favourite Coffee Roasters in the Entire World

Where's the best coffee? Here are our picks!

15,720 km so far.

As I sit here enjoying some of the best coffee I have had on my travels, I am thinking back on all the great experiences we have had thanks to my coffee addiction.

More beans, Coffee Collective, Copenhagen.

More beans, Coffee Collective, Copenhagen.

Whether it was getting off the train in Helsingborg, Sweden just to visit Koppi, searching out the elusive Uncle Bean in Beijing, checking in with Burrito the dog at Sumerian in Shanghai to see what outfit the day would bring, or sitting on the incredible wooden chairs at Sinh To in a tiny village in Vietnam sipping on the thick, grainy blackness that is Vietnamese coffee, my taste for the black bean has led us on some great mini-adventures within the big adventure that is this bike trip.

Speciality coffee roasters can be found the world over (almost) and as we travel, we like to try as many as possible. This is our list of our 12 favourites from 2 years on the road. Did your favourite make the cut?

The Top Five

Sumerian, Shanghai, China

Nothing beats the people and pets at Sumerian. Except their coffee.

Stephen at home, Sumerian Coffee, Shanghai.

Stephen at home, Sumerian Coffee, Shanghai.

Their cookies and bagels are worth writing home about too. I guess this is why it is my top pick. Nothing says customer service like offering to specially roast some beans for me on our last day in Shanghai.


Since we were there they have opened a small craft beer bar next door, called Dogtown.

F.R.E.A.K. Coffee, Ubud, Indonesia

Not only is F.R.E.A.K. freshest in my mind, but also it is the freshest coffee I have enjoyed. Their “From the Cherry to the Cup” ethos means they know everything about the coffee they are serving you, and if you are unsatisfied with your cup of coffee, they encourage you to ask them to make it again. If you still aren’t happy they insist you don’t pay. They are that confident you’ll be happy. I can’t imagine having to take advantage if their refund policy: this is damn fine coffee.

Drop Coffee, Stockholm, Sweden

We only managed one visit to Drop, on our way out of Stockholm, but they were incredibly friendly, offered me a sampling of a guest roast, and sold me some of their personal stash of beans because they’d run out of stock. The smell of Drop Coffee brewing on our camp stove by the Sweden’s loveliest lakes each morning was a great way to start each day.

Little tent in the small woods, near Boras.

Little tent in the small woods, near Boras.

Kiez Rösterei, Berlin, Germany

A small roaster we almost didn’t visit because it was too close to our apartment, Kiez Rösterei was far and away the best coffee I found in Berlin. Their small batch roasts are complex, attentively roasted, and the atmosphere is welcoming, without being pretentiously over-hip.

Monmouth Coffee brewing in Jesse's new induction-friendly Bialetti.

Monmouth Coffee brewing in Jesse’s new induction-friendly Bialetti.

I enjoyed my first properly roasted Cuban beans here, and met a coffee grower from El Savador who was there to sell his beans. It helps that I enjoyed all of this in the company of my equally coffee-obsessed friend, Jesse.

Koppi, Helsingborg, Sweden

Hopping off the train in Helsingborg on the advice of fellow coffee nerd, and friend, Sverre, we rode through the cobbled streets until we found this cool little roaster in a beautiful old Swedish town.

Practicing the art of coffee at Koppi.

Practicing the art of coffee at Koppi.

Definitely worth getting off the train for and I’m already contemplating making a little trip out there when I’m back in Malmö this fall.

Honorable Mentions

Karma, Kraków, Poland | Lumen, Budapest, Hungary | Feel Good Cafe, Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Da Matteo Roastery, Göteborg, Sweden | Cafetino, Ljubljana, Slovenia | Johan & Nyström, Stockholm, Sweden | RAW Coffee, Kuala Lumpur

To read more about the coffee we have enjoyed, see all our blog posts relating to speciality coffee.  


  1. Comment by Seb

    Seb July 13, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    Nice review! i will need to try fresh coffee in Ubud soon! If you visit Montréal some day, or already did(?), we have a few good one too!

    • Comment by Stephen

      Stephen July 14, 2014 at 7:29 pm

      Look forward to you showing me some fine coffee in Montréal one day! It has been far too long since I visited.

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