Nothing Doing

By Stephen Ewashkiw | February 1, 2014

9,239 so far.

We really didn’t do anything today.

We walked to a big park, where lots of people were having fun, riding on amusement rides, and generally enjoying the holiday.

picture of bear and leopard

Rrrowrr! I really hope there’s no bear in this attraction.

The sun was out, and every ride in the park seemed to be emitting its own loud Chinese pop music. Relaxing.

The grassy area of the park was the only spot where there were hardly any people, and where there was some peace and quiet. There were also these beautiful lotus flowers.

Lotus, Haikou.

Lotus, Haikou.

Not pictured: the bottles, wrappers, and plastic bags also floating in the water.

We found a fancy dumpling and jiaozi house to have lunch in. It was absolutely packed with families at large tables having yet another New Year feast. Eating and setting off firecrackers appear to be the two biggest activities associated with the Spring Festival.

empty firecrackers boxes after new years in china

Remnants of the firecrackers that have been going off outside our window day and night, Haikou.

After this exhausting morning we went back for naps at the hostel. I guess we’re both still recovering. The last three days have been particularly gruelling 250 km, with almost 5,000 m elevation change, more than 100 km of very rough roads, heat nearing 30C/90F, with proper meals hard to come by. I’d say we earned our naps.

The hostel WiFi isn’t particularly stellar, so my push to wrap up our taxes before we leave the island was sidelined, but we were able to write friends and family, as well as update the blog.

We walked to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, where the best looking vegetarian menu items weren’t available when we tried to order them. We had to make do with veggie ramen and simple veggie sushi before coming back and watching a couple of episodes of Orange Is The New Black.

See, I told you. We didn’t really do anything. Perfect.  

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