On The Seventh Day, We Rested

By Jane Mountain | December 29, 2013

8,008 km so far.

Travelling for the long term means finding balance. Whenever we’re in a new country or a new city, there is pressure to get out and see all the sights that time will allow. There is pressure to try every recommended restaurant and visit every coffee roaster and sample every cool bar we can find.

apartment buildings hong kong

Apartments everywhere, Hong Kong.

That mindset works if you’re on holiday for a few days, but if your life is travel, succumbing to the “do-everything” pressure will sap your energy and quickly lead to travel burnout. We’re not ready to burn out yet.

Danger, Hong Kong.

Danger, Hong Kong.

That’s why today, while we’re still feeling under the weather and a little exhausted from everything that’s been happening, we just took it easy.

Our day consisted of writing, photo editing, and catching up on email. We also managed to step out for a little walk down to Kennedy Town, an up-and-coming neighbourhood not far from here.

We bought some groceries, got take-away lunch from a Buddhist vegetarian (which means vegan) snack bar, and came home.

For the rest of the day we happily lay in bed, watching Sons Of Anarchy.

Yep, it feels lame to be watching a TV show shot in LA while all the delights of Hong Kong are just outside our door. But it also felt very good and, at this stage in our trip, very necessary.  

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