One Month On The Road

By Stephen Ewashkiw | April 25, 2013

Today marks our one-month anniversary of hitting the road for the start of the My Five Acres adventure. In our minds it feels like so much more than that. It really is hard to believe all the things we’ve seen and done in only four weeks. We also realised that we’ve cycled almost 1,000 km now. By this time time tomorrow we should have reached what is roughly one-fifth of the distance we set as our initial leg of the journey: Rome to Russia.

I can think of no better way to celebrate than lounging by the pool, sleeping on a chaise longue at the edge of the Adriatic, and taking advantage of the trappings of the oh-so-luxurious campground cum luxury resort we stumbled upon last night.

A short 22 km inland from here is Krka National Park, which we have heard has spectacular waterfalls. But last night we decided to take today off and skip the national park. We are planning to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park after we spend a couple of nights in Zadar, so we feel we’re “allowed” to slack.

Sun, Sea, & Gin

While Jane rode the 5 km into Šibenik this morning, I wandered around the Solaris complex, checking out the spa, gym, five hotels, and countless mobile home bungalows not dissimilar from the one we stayed in all those weeks ago in Capalbio.

One of the great things about off season is that there seems to be only about 100 people in the entire complex, which can hold 2,600. I had the entire main pool to myself while I sat back and sipped my first gin and tonic of the trip.

One of the disappointing things about off season (although truth be told, not very disappointing) is that the huge indoor pool at the spa was still being renovated for the season.

Jane’s note: Sibenik was underwhelming and I wish I’d stayed to lounge by the pool and drink gin. But I did see these fun fellows…

stone face in sibenik croatia stone face in sibenik croatia

…plus a few kitties, some scary stairs, a cool purple dress, and a flower in the wall.

cat scratching


cat walking the streets of sibenik


The weather has been above 20C every day we’ve been in Croatia, so the sea is starting to warm up. Since I spent most of the day lounging in the sun I figured it was high time I went for a swim. I can’t believe we’ve been on the coast of the Adriatic for two weeks and I haven’t once got into the sea for a swim. It was cool, but not too cold, and was the perfect refreshment.

man under beach umbrellas

Lounging at Solaris campground in Croatia.

I’m so glad I brought my Native shoes with me on the trip. They came in very handy as water shoes for my dip in the sea as there were pesky sea urchins hiding on the seabed. I already stepped on a dead one while barefoot at the campground in Trogir, and did not want a repeat – the live ones are even worse.

While I lounged and swam, Jane walked around the complex taking in some of the sights.

swimming pool solaris croatia

I wish this pool had been open.

Our Croatian seaside retreat is over tomorrow morning. We’ve planned a full day of riding to take us up to Zadar, a coastal town that was nearly flattened by the Allies in WWII and then pummelled again by the Serbs 20 years ago. It has been almost entirely rebuilt and apparently shows no signs of war anymore. I’m interested to see what they have made of it.

Jane’s note: it’s also where my great grandfather was born, so I’m particularly interested to look around.

Zadar was meant to be our first port of call in Croatia if the ferry had been running there, so we’ll finally be back on our roughly planned route.  


  1. Comment by Dave

    Dave April 28, 2013 at 4:32 am

    You seem to be finding your rythem and not making this a gruelling experience. After all living in the momemt and travling from place to place need not be an extreme sport.

    Barbara and have sold our house in Kingston and are in the process of purchasing a place in Sicily which we will live in 4-5 months a year and rent out the rest. You never get to old to start a new adventure.

    Love your blog


    • Comment by Stephen

      Stephen May 6, 2013 at 8:57 am

      So excited for your next adventure. The folks had told us about it already. Now we’re adding Sicily to our list of places to bike to! I think a ferry may need to be involved…

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