Playing In The Sand

By Stephen Ewashkiw | July 14, 2013

4083 km so far.

This campsite, Piejūras Kemping, is quite incredible. It is right in the middle of Ventspils, and just a few meters from the beach. It has several modern cabins scattered through the pine forest that makes up much of the camp, a beach volleyball court (a popular sport in Latvija), an amphitheater (where, despite this being high season, nothing seems to happen), a café/bar, and WiFi coverage around much of the property (not for the weak antenna in our iPad mini though).

The camp café has power points available, as well as the WiFi hub, so we went there this morning to get some work done. More route planning, more yoga classes to confirm, more blog posts to be posted.

Every Day Is Kids’ Day

We then walked (yes, walked. Sometimes it is nice to be off the bikes for a full day) into town to get lunch and dinner groceries, and to have a little look around. We didn’t do much sightseeing, but did walk through a beautiful, large park that was filled with families enjoying this summer Sunday.

owl clock ventspils latvia

It’s owl o’clock.

The whole park was designed for kids’ play, housing several different distinct adventure playgrounds, water features, and sandboxes. Children seem to rule in Latvija, with every campground having some kind of kids’ play area and kids staying up until sunset, which just happens to not occur until 11pm.

Jane’s note: There also seems to be a general lack of discipline, with rowdy and demanding children bending parents around their fingers wherever we go. Maybe this is part of summer fever. Or maybe we have just seen more children here than in our regular lives.

In The Nude

The campsite also has a naturist beach just beyond its borders. It seems Latvijans are quite down with the all-over suntan, and every city beach we have been to has a sign-posted naturist section. They also have an incredible selection of beer available at ridiculously inexpensive prices. I think I could easily make Latvija home. At least in the summer.

We went to the beach to have lunch and spend the afternoon lounging around. The wind that has been blowing directly at us the past few days has taken a day off and the sea was calm, the sand wasn’t whipping up into our nether regions, and the sun was hot.

I decided I couldn’t leave the Baltic without taking a quick dip in the sea. The windy days have churned up the water so the sea was more like a cold plunge pool at the sauna than a warm bath. Still, I went straight in, like a real man. Refreshing.

After a few perfect hours of beach time, we did the usual evening routine: dinner, TV, and sleep.

What a great day off.  

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