Pot Kettle Black

By Stephen Ewashkiw | September 18, 2013

6447 km so far.

Our bikes were due back at the shop today for the second round of tune-ups, so despite the cold, rainy day, Jane and I dutifully headed out into it, thankful the bike shop is only a 10-minute ride from home.

We spend most of the rest of the day curled up with various hot drinks. I ventured out for a few ingredients for our planned Mexican feast, and also bought Jane popcorn, which she has been craving.

When I got back from the shop, I went to pop some popcorn. This is usually Jane’s job at home. She has a special technique, and it always turns out perfectly. Jesse commented that he had not successfully made popcorn on this stove yet, but instead of hearing this as a warning I just kept on going.

Jane had to come into the kitchen, rescue my failing attempts at popcorn popping, and in the end the popcorn and burnt oil had melded themselves to the bottom of Jesse’s favourite pot. The pot is well and truly ruined. I fully expect Jesse to rescind his “stay as long as you want” offer any minute now…  

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