Shots From Nusa Penida

By Jane Mountain | July 30, 2014

I was going to write a post about how Ubud is not the paradise many people claim it to be (too much traffic! too many tourists!). Then I decided it would be better to share our photos from Nusa Penida, an island not far off the coast of Bali which is pretty heavenly.

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Here’s a beach, and yes, the water really is that colour.

stephen climbs a trees stump in crystal bay nusa penida

Tree on a tree, Nusa Penida.

woman on beach in nusa penida indonesia

Playing in the warm surf, Nusa Penida.

crystal bay nusa penida beach and island

We wished we could swim out to the rock arch, Nusa Penida.

Inland, the island is almost completely empty, with just a few tiny villages and one-lane roads.

Sadly just as we got there, Stephen was struck with dengue fever. Luckily, we loved our resort, Namaste, and were happy to just stay put.

namaste resort nusa penida indonesia

Sunset at Namaste, Nusa Penida.

We even made a few friends while we were there.

orange cat in the sunshine in nusa penida

This kitty loved sitting in the sun outside our cabin, Nusa Penida.

After Penida, we made the short trip to Lembongan. It was far more touristy, but also beautiful. Sadly, by then we were both sick, so we only stayed one night before heading back to the doctors of Ubud.

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