Smooth Sailing on a Windy Day

By Jane Mountain | April 24, 2013

Today was the kind of day that makes us really appreciate how lucky we’ve been with the weather, and especially the wind, so far.

The morning started slowly, with a little extra sleep, some meditation, and breakfast.

meditation an a lake

Giving thanks to the universe.

There was a good-sized gap between the floating pier I’m sitting on in the pictures and the land. When confronting it this morning, I was a little scared, but decided I was just being overcautious, so I went ahead and jumped the gap. I then realised that the way back was a little more difficult, being slightly upwards. The return leap was a little scary and I almost fell backwards into the water. Oh well, I survived to cycle another day.

We had mapped a relatively flat 60 km from Trogir to Solaris a “Camping Beach Resort” just outside of Sibenik for today. The wind was kicking up a fuss for most of the day, making our flat route seem a lot steeper and a lot longer than it actually was.

It wasn’t that windy, just enough to annoy and add to the calories burned.

Fortunately, we are getting our routine down now, and wisely took a break after the first ten kilometres for coffee and some baked goods that we bought at this Pekara Tes-co stand.

Fresh bread stand.

Fresh bread stand.

The wind may have added to our effort, but it also added to our view. This is sailing country, and dozens of sailboats dotted the sea, spinnakers flying as they sped downwind. We also saw marina after marina filled with charter sailboats and luxury powerboats, all sitting waiting for the summer tourist rush.

Breakfast break with a view.

Breakfast break with a view.

We were sorely disappointed in our search for the prancing deer that roadsigns have been promising us for weeks.

Caution, prancing deer.

Caution, prancing deer.

We were not disappointed at all that we didn’t see any wild boar.

Caution, the next three kilometres will be boaring. Ha ha.

Caution, the next three kilometres will be boaring. Ha ha.

A little stretch and lunch break in Primosten and we were back on the road.

We saw a large wall, which we could probably research on the internet and tell you all about.

A great wall. Not the great wall though.

A great wall. Not the great wall though.

OK, OK, it’s the Wall of Ostrica, a medieval defensive wall for protection from the marauding Turks.

And then we arrived at Solaris. It is combo hotel resort, camping, caravanning, and restaurant site, that has the capacity for 2600 guests. As we pulled in, we saw dozens of men hard at work building a brand new pool about the size of a football field, complete with Disneyesque water ride.

There are several heated pools, waterslides, mini-golf, a marina, a pirate adventure ship / night club (yes, really) and an entire fake “Dalmatian village”, which looks a lot like many of the villages we’ve been riding through, only newer.

I would not want to be here when the site is full, but right now it’s rather pleasant, with only a few dozen people around.

Pleasant spot in an absolutely massive camping resort.

Pleasant spot in an absolutely massive camping resort.

Tonight, we walked over from our campground to one of the five-star hotels and spent more on drinks and dessert than our accommodation is costing for the night. Oh well, for a slice of Sacher torte, it was all worth it.

Overall, a very odd place to camp, but I confess I don’t mind a little luxury with my camping. I like sleeping in the tent and all, but it’s nice to have hot and cold running water, brand-new showers, and flush toilets close by.  

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  1. Comment by Cassie

    Cassie April 25, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Love this post! Island town of Primosten? Good lord, what a lovely looking place! And the Wall of Ostrica…wow. What history. Nice work, great photos. Wish I could teleport into a day like this one. The only thing missing was a picture of your dessert :) Best of luck cycling on!

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane April 25, 2013 at 11:47 am

      Ahhh, you know, if you’ve seen one medieval fortress island town, you’ve seen ’em all… :)

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