Stag Dos and Don’ts

By Stephen Ewashkiw | September 15, 2013

What happens on a bachelor party stays on a bachelor party. So, with this in mind, I give you a heavily edited rundown of my weekend. This will be a short post…

James is one of my best friends, and was one of my first new friends when I moved to London in 1998.

Jane’s note: We met James in our local video store, where he was sitting reading a copy of The Master And Margarita. My friend Kris and I nicknamed him Existential Video Boy, and for years to come, we always called him EVB.

We haven’t seen each other since 2007, but thanks to the magic of t’internet we have stayed close. He, for better or for worse, has decided it is time to get married.

Jane’s note: Hey!

A group of some of my best friends is coming together. It was amazing to have Charlie, Rich, Jesse, James, Paul, and I all together in one place.

Our weekend went as you would expect…


The 48 hours we had to give James a proper send off flew by, and before you could say:

Why is that man wearing a Smurfs Letter jacket?

…the weekend was over. I will be remembering bits of this weekend for years to come, and am so glad that our journey coincided with this soirée.

Here’s looking at ya, James!  


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