Sweet Swedish Sunday

By Jane Mountain | August 25, 2013

5922 km so far.

Today was our day to hang out with friends, see a bit of Malmö, and spend a summer Sunday as the Swedes do. With that being our only plan, we slept in a little, drank a lot of coffee, ate a hearty breakfast, and then headed out into the city with Sara, Markus, Ted, and baby Sigge.

Before we got past the courtyard of the building, there was some serious playing to do with the neighbour’s kids.

child hidden in a tree

Local Swedish wildlife. Very strange.

tall man on a child's tricycle

Also, I love to ride my bike.

There is a lovely sense of safety and community here, and it seems the building’s children have it great, with built-in friends and a huge play area in the courtyard. All the parents look out for one another’s kids, and it’s not unusual to find an extra child or two in your apartment.

We decided to take a walk to a posh grocery store near the harbour, seeing a few of Malmö’s many parks, waterways, and neighbourhoods along the way.

turning torso malmo sweden

Turning Torso from below. It made me dizzy to try and take this picture.

The late summer sun was beating down as we made our picnic lunch along the waterfront.

mother and son on boardwalk malmo sweden

Sara and Ted, digging into some lunchtime goodies.

We gazed out at the view of the blue blue sea and the Malmö–Copenhagen bridge as we ate and caught up with each others’ lives.

malmo copenhagen bridge

The “new” bridge, opened in 2000, now links Malmö and Copenhagen.

After lunch, there was a little time for some sporting activity.

child running on a boardwalk malmo sweden

Here he goes again. Ted the runner.

Sara and I wisely avoided the chilly water, but the three boys jumped in. Ted was a little shocked and dismayed by the cold, but Markus and Stephen loved it. Sigge just hung out in the pram.

Sara, warm and dry on the water's edge.

Sara, warm and dry on the water’s edge.

We made our way to a cafe in the middle of Kungsparken, but it seemed as if half of Malmö had had the same idea, so we opted for a beer in the quiet backstreets near Lilla Torg instead. Sitting in the full sun soon had us all drowsy, except for Ted, who was a bundle of frenetic energy as always.

Of course, we couldn’t pass by this amazing playground without giving him the chance to run around a little.

Finally, we made it back home, and each of us found a bit of space for quiet time.

Hard at work in Malmö.

Hard at work in Malmö.

We ended the weekend with a home-cooked dinner (made by Stephen) and more conversation around the table.

We couldn’t have asked for a better summer Sunday.  

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  1. Comment by Diane

    Diane August 26, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Sounds lovely. What a nice little family. Stephen looks great teaching. Angel wings!

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